10 month old becoming picky eater

My 10 month old used to be a good eater, but now he is becoming very picky. Sometimes he doesn't want to eat at all. He nurses upon waking, has a bowl of cereal and 1 jar of fruit for b-fast, has two jars of food (usually meat and veggie or fruit) for lunch and a couple of sips of formula (he is refusing bottles now), has cereal and fruit or just fruit in the afternoon w/a sip or two of formula (that's all he'll take), nurses at dinner, has 2 jars of food at dinner, then nurses before bed. He doesn't get much milk, but he is still having enough wet diapers. He's also doing better with finger foods, but won't eat things like banana, etc. Any suggestions?


Sue Gilbert

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Dear Barbara,

As babies approach one year of age their growth rate slows tremendously, and along with that, their appetite. What does increase is their need for independence and their interest in the outside world. All this leads to a decrease in the amount they eat, a desire to feed to themselves that little bit that they do eat, and an attention that would rather be directed at the building blocks than the dinner table. Fortunately they don't need to eat much since growth is now on the back burner.

As babies take over the task of feeding themselves their food and milk intake will go down until they master the art. You need to be there to encourage your baby to develop that skill, and to help feed him on those occasions when he reverts. You also need to be there to be sure that the foods that he is offered is only highly nutritious and age appropriate. Because he does eat so little, there is scant room for foods that offer nothing nutritionally.

To try and make up for his slow down in milk intake, offer foods that replace the protein and calcium, such as cubes of soft cheese, cottage cheese, tofu cubes, puddings, milkshakes (made from only your wholesome ingredients), flaked canned salmon, and yogurt. Encourage him to eat more and more table foods by offering them at each meal, and at snack times. For more suggestions, go back to the Ask the Nutritionist web page and read the questions on "picky eaters" .

Thank you for writing.

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