4 Reasons Why Men Sleep after Sex

Is it normal for my guy to be sleepy after having sex, even a day later? I have found that if I wait a couple of days in between sessions, he's re-energized. But what can he do to get more endurance? --savaeigh


There are many women out there -- including many right here at iVillage -- who'd give their right arm for an answer to this one. So, here goes. One or more of the following reasons usually account for why a man falls into a post-coital stupor:

  1. They are tired to begin with, and sex helps them relax and let go -- figuratively and literally.
  2. The hormones men and women produce at orgasm can lead to the desire to lay back in the afterglow, and that sense of physical peace often leads to sleep.
  3. The ejaculatory release for men, and the inherent letting down of bodily tension, makes men physically tired.
  4. Most people (again, men and women) hold their breath during sex, breathe shallowly or don't focus on breathing. I'll bet the ranch that he's not breathing deeply. That gives him oxygen deprivation, which causes sleepiness. And, it could (rare, though) persist into the next day.

Here's my hunch about your man. He's probably fatigued before sex and all of those sensations -- including orgasm -- just propel him into the state for which his body is yearning: rest.

In rare cases, men who are exhausted by sex may have a medical condition. If you suspect something more serious, make sure your guy sees his doctor for a complete physical.

If you're looking for a quick solution, how about a cup of java before bed? It might not be the long-term answer, but coffee is a good stimulant for sex because it keeps the mind and body alert and heightens sensations. In the fight against the sleepy bug, caffeine may be your number one ally. Try serving up a cup in your lacy teddy!

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