6 month old loves cereal, not fruit

I have started giving my 6 mo. old cereal twice a day which he seems to really want and eats about 2 tablespoons. But recently I have tried giving him some fruit and he hasn't taken to this at all. I first tried bananas, which he absolutely hated, so a few days later I tried pears which he seemed to like a little better but still isn't too crazy about them. He makes a face every time I give him some. he seems to like the cereal much better. Any suggestions to get him more interested in the fruit?


Sue Gilbert

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Dear Lisa,

You'd better get used to those faces!! Some of them are priceless... and it's a good idea to keep a camera on hand. The fruit probably elicited a reaction because of the more tart quality of it compared to anything he has ever had before. Did you feed him jarred bananas? They usually have citric acid added to them which makes them more acidic than they are naturally. What you may want to try instead is a very ripe fresh banana that you mash yourself and feed to him.

To get him more interested in fruit I suggest you do is just be patient and persistent. Continue to offer the fruit to him. He most likely will come around to liking it. You were smart to wait a couple of days after your first negative reaction. If he shows real dislike for something, wait a while before introducing it again. For a reaction like you got with the pears, it is good to continue to offer them so he can get used to the flavor that he seemed to show some interest in.

One way to begin fruit introduction that dilutes the foreignness of the flavor is to add some to the cereal that he enjoys. The added benefit of mixing fruit with the cereal is that the vitamin C in the fruit enhances the absorption of the iron by a factor of 3 to 5 .

He may prefer the less tart flavor of vegetables. Many parents begin feeding single item vegetables before fruit. You could always try that, and then go back to fruit. Also, try mixing fruit and vegetables, like carrots and apples. They complement each other nicely, the carrots cutting the acidity of the apples and the apples adding a touch of sweetness to the carrots.

Remember, all these flavors are brand new to him. They don't resemble mother's milk or formula at all, unlike cereal, which was at least mixed with it. . Let him take all the time he needs, respect his approach to the new, along with offering some gentle encouragement.

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