6 Positions for Better Sex Play

The Swan
The "swan" is a great way to stimulate your partner's penis and testicles when you've been roaming around his other erogenous zones. Imagine your thumb and fingers coming together in the shape of the old-fashioned shadow puppet -- the "swan." This is great for gently clasping the testicles between the beak-like shape formed by your fingers. Gently pull them a little. Now open your fingers up again and swirl them around his inner thighs. Then stop and stroke his perineum. Next, apply the swan as an upwards movement from the base of his penis, pulling his foreskin (if he has one) gently up over his glans. If he's circumcised it is better to gently flutter your fingertips down the shaft of his penis. Now clasp the base of his shaft and gently and rhythmically "massage" the base of it, pulling upwards only if he wants that stimulation. Circumcised men vary tremendously in the degree of stimulation they need -- some have deadened sensitivity and need a much firmer touch while others are very sensitive. Always ask your lover how he wants you to touch him.

This massage technique can be used on a man or woman. Get your lover to lie on her back while you warm some massage oil in your hands. Kneel astride her thighs and lean forward, placing both hands just below her neckline and above her breastbone. Start a slow, smooth path with your oiled hands outward and down either side of her ribcage, just skimming the edges of her breasts. Now slowly and sensuously draw your hands in to meet at the navel. Pause a moment before recommencing the outward sweep of the figure "8" down around her outer hips, your hands meeting over her pubis. Gently kneed her pubis and even allow your fingers to wander over her genitals before starting the sweeping motion back up to her navel and onwards. Repeat the Erotic "8" movement as many times as you wish.

This is so named because many Thai masseuses encourage skin-on-skin contact during a massage with their clients to tempt them into asking for "extras." The Thai body massage consists of gently rubbing your naked body over your lover's bare skin. It is ideal if you are both kissing, with one lying slightly on top of the other. Rise up on your hands and gently swish your chest and abdomen over your lover's body. This feels particularly erotic on a woman's breasts?skin against skin. If you have the arm strength you may also move your abdomen and hips across your lover's body.

But don't stop there, a woman can now get sexy by "massaging" her lover with her genitals! Open your legs and glide your labia across his abdomen, gently touching his genitals. Then move across his penis and thighs, allowing your labia to "touch down" momentarily so he can feel your wetness. The skin-on-skin contact feels amazingly sensual!

Many Eastern cultures perfect sensuality in ways we barely think of. Long fine hair serves a fantastic purpose in foreplay. Ask him to remove his clothes (if he hasn't done so already!) and, once you've been kissing and caressing for a while, get him to lie face down on the bed or sofa. Kneeling above him, gently glide your lovely tresses down his back and over his butt. Continue on down his thighs. Next, turn him over and continue the hair "massage" across his penis and lower abdomen. A man's less sensitive skin can come alive with an Oriental hair massage.

You can try this while sharing a bath, or when sitting on the floor with your back against a sofa, or in bed against the headboard during foreplay. One of you sits behind the other and reaches around to fondle. For example, the man can sit behind his lover in the bath, with her butt between his legs close up to his genitals. He massages her breasts and genitals from behind using a cupping, massaging or tweaking motion. One way to do this is to use his whole hand to cup her breasts, then gently massage them. From here he can run his hands down her abdomen and between her thighs. She may gently grind and wiggle her butt back into his genital region. If she's sitting behind him, she can reach around to massage his chest and then reach down to cup his genitals. It generates a different feel when touching each other while sitting Roman Bath style -- without any eye-to-eye contact. I can only guess that it got this name because so much naughtiness went on in ancient Roman baths. Perhaps sex play was often done from behind so the participants couldn't really see each other.

If you two are sipping champagne -- or any tipple -- your lover can pour a little down your breasts and lick it off gently. Or you could dribble some into his belly button and lap it up -- no worries about "fluff" if you two have just bathed together!

Turn your lover over and continue to dribble something down her upper back to lick from between her shoulder blades -- an incredibly sensitive spot-- some lovers can't even tolerate such powerful stimulation. Next, move down with your tongue to the top of her butt. This area is very sensitive. Massage the butt using circular strokes, slowly moving lower and lower until you can start to stimulate the genital area.

Take control and gently open her thighs to allow you to tickle her with your tongue or a sex toy. Or ask your lover to keep her back to you and rise up on all fours so you can reach around from behind for some more Roman Bath -- style stimulation. Her breasts, chest and genitals will be more exposed to your foreplay activities. And you can apply skin-to-skin contact by gently rubbing your chest across her back and butt.

Don't forget your lover's feet and toes. Caressing these can release an enormous amount of tension. The more relaxed your lover feels, the more he or she is able to enjoy your lovemaking. Start by kissing and licking down his body and legs all the way down to his feet, or ask him to lean back comfortably against pillows. Now take a foot in your hand and, using massage oil, stroke his toes one at a time from the base to the tip. Next, take the ball of the foot and massage it with circular motions. Move upwards to the instep and back to the heel. If your lover has bathed you may want to kiss/suck his toes (called "shrimping") and flick your tongue along his instep -- spicily delicious!

Naughty Tricks & Sexy Tips by Dr. Pam Spurr. Copyright © 2004 by Ulysses Press. Reprinted by permission of Ulysses Press. All rights reserved.

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