7 Cheap Holiday Table Makeovers

We will be doing a lot of entertaining this holiday season and for more seating we will be pulling out the card table. Any ideas on how to dress up the table and chairs without spending much money?

--iVillager luvmyalita



Set the makeshift dining area the same way you set your regular dining table -- just on a smaller scale.


  1. Start out by setting the card table by itself -- not attached to the main table. Since the card table is more than likely shorter than the existing dining room table, you do not want to draw attention to this detail.
  2. Cover the card table with a tablecloth that either matches or accents the larger one. If your larger tablecloth is multicolored, then choose one of the colors from that pattern and buy a smaller solid tablecloth that will match. You can buy them inexpensively at stores like Kmart, T.J. Maxx, etc.
  3. You can also purchase slipcovers for the folding chairs, usually for $20 or less. If you have a decoration or centerpiece on the large table, make a smaller version of the same centerpiece for the card table.
  4. Candles are always a lovely addition to any dining experience. However, we do not recommend them at the "kids" table!
  5. Another inexpensive way to decorate the table is to spread sparkly confetti on top of the tablecloth. This will give it an additional festive flair.
  6. If you have limited silverware, buy an inexpensive box ($20) of stainless steel ware at Target or Kmart. Remember: The items we recommend purchasing can be used year after year.
  7. This is the time to be with family and friends (particularly this year). Don't be frustrated if things are not perfect. Enjoy your company, a good meal and cherish the new memories. Maybe even buy a couple disposable cameras so guests may take pictures of each other during cocktails while you are preparing the meal. This will really capture the memories.

Have a great holiday!

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