Add fluoridated spring water to juice?

I have a 5 month-old daughter. Should I use the Beech-Nut Spring Water with fluoride added to mix with her juice?


I would only recommend using the water with fluoride added if your daughter is not receiving fluoride from any other source. Has your dentist or pediatrician prescribed fluoride supplements for your daughter? Is your community drinking water fluoridated?

It has been estimated that 8 million prescriptions are filled for fluoride tablets, lozenges, or drops every year. Omni Products estimates that only about 400,000 fluoride water tests are completed anually to determine the fluoride content in family drinking water. Too much fluoride may lead to an aesthetic condition called fluorosis.

To determine if the water in your area is fluoridated, contact your local water district. Your dentist or pediatrician should also have this information. Alternatively, you can contact Omni FluoriCheck at phone: 800-445-3386 or fax: 561-689-1159 for a water fluoride analysis test kit. The water collection vial and analysis cost about $16.00. All you have to do is follow the directions and send them a sample of your drinking water. The test results arrive in about 2-4 weeks. Then, together with your dentist or pediatrician, you can determine if fluoride supplements are necessary. Omni FluoriCheck is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Again, I emphasize that you need to determine the total dosage of fluoride you are giving your daughter. A little fluoride is beneficial. Too much fluoride can be harmful. I am not familiar with the amount of fluoride in Beech-Nut Spring Water. Please refer to the chart below for proper fluoride dosages based on how much fluoride is present in your drinking water (expressed in parts per million or ppm):

Amount in Water 0-0.3 ppm 0.3-0.6 ppm greater than 0.6 ppm
Dosage Based on
Your Child's Age
6mo-3 years 0.25 mg of fluoride 0 mg 0 mg
3-6 years 0.50 mg of fluoride 0.25 mg 0 mg
6-16 years 1.0 mg of fluoride 0.50 mg 0 mg

Caveat: some studies indicate that the amount of fluoride in juice drinks is highly variable. You might find it easier to calculate and control the total amount of fluoride your daughter receives by giving her supplements prescribed by a dentist or pediatrician, if the supplements are indeednecessary.

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