American Idol (Dallas) Provides Hope: Free of Charge!

"One day, somehow, someway... and I hope that someone sees that I have some talent somewhere." -- Alexis Cohen (Glitter Girl from last night's show in Philly)

Think about that quote.

It was said by an AI contestant who is just like the thousands upon thousands we sit through. When the dream they believe they are entitled to fades and reality sets in, there's no telling what could go down.

Ronaldo Lapuz auditioned in Dallas. He was so happy to have the "privilege to sing to the whole world." It didn't seem to matter to him that he wasn't moving on to Hollywood (He'll be in the Finale though). He had the garb and the passion and... a song.

Ronaldo wrote a song for Simon, "We Are Brothers Forever." Simon called Ronaldo entertaining. Ronaldo said Simon was a good person for giving "chance to any talent. Free of charge."

I swear it didn't seem like Ronaldo was getting cut. They all were having a good ole time. The whole panel of judges started singing the words to the song, which seemed to loop, "I am your brother. Your best friend forever."

Paula and Randy got up and were dancing around. Ryan came in. Paula had a song written just for her in Philly. Now Simon in Dallas.

Randy must be next.

Besides, every guy wearing bright red shiny shoes should be serenaded.


Kayla Dawn Hatfield is another contestant grateful for the chance to be a part of this opportunity. She has a little more to be thankful for because she moved on to Hollywood. Not to mention ... she survived a nasty T-bone accident. Kayla lives on a horse farm and has the attitude that no matter what happens..."I'm living life." Her happiness was infections, she even had Simon smiling.

On the other hand, we had a lot of mellow contestants leaving us tonight, like Tammy Tuzinski. She says she likes R&B and pop, but she couldn’t have been more fizz if she tried. Was Ryan trying to make her flinch a few times there in the end? Just checking to see if she was there, I suppose.

It looked like she could care less about the competition. SNAP OUT OF IT TAMMY! And my question to you is – why even bother?

Paul Stafford, the American Roller Coaster Enthusiast, was a good sport. He sort of performed “Wait for You” by Season 5’s Elliot Yamin. It looked like Simon felt for the guy, so he took it easy on him, calling his audition, “enthusiastic.”

Paul was touched… telling us all afterward, “Simon didn’t come down on me like I thought … cause he goes down on just about everybody.”

I would have loved to see Simon’s reaction to hearing that.

Tonight’s brother and sister duo were no Sanjaya and Shyamali Malakar (of Season 5).

Gregory and Mia Tobias harmonized an Italian Opera..
No words were spoken during their audition… by either the judges or the contestants. After a few uncomfortable looks, the sibs simply turned to walk out the door – in harmony. I bet they cried… in harmony as well. Kumbaya.

If a contestant quotes Christina Aguilera, does that mean he has an amazing vocal range?

Douglas Davidson was another species of his own. The 28-year-old let us in on a secret he uses to preserve his voice. He read that Aguilera said “if you don’t know what you are doing, you could damage your voice and permanently lose it forever.”

That is why, he told Ryan he couldn’t go wild in the crowd.
He was preserving. Now, what he was preserving, I’m not sure.

This guy was pulling out all the stops: He told us his family didn’t know that he was auditioning. (Remember that poser from last year who did the same thing and when she called home it was totally obvious she was trying to get sympathy points because her dad acted like he had no idea what she was talking about by being mad?)

Douglas told the story of how -- eight years ago his dad caught him singing and was like, “who do you think you are?” Douglas said it would anger his father so much to hear him sing – that he would tell his son he hated him.

Douglas performed a tune that described his chances of moving on in the competition, “Living on a Prayer”.

He was so fidgety. He “needed water’... and needed to warm his voice. Then he was walking around in circles singing the words, “Just keep going round and round in circles.”

Then it was more Aguilera insight, “When your voice is tight you can’t resonate.”

Alright Dougie, you’re fresh out of excuses. It’s time to go.

I wonder if after Bruce Dickson got the boot, he flipped… and went on a kissing rampage? This guy is in his 20’s and has never kissed a girl. He is waiting for marriage for that big step.

And get this, there is a whole ritual to it. His chosen one will get the heart necklace that his dad wears around his neck. Bruce wears a key on a necklace around his neck. You know, one of those deals that connect together.

Yes, I said his DAD is wearing his son’s future wife’s necklace. For safe keeping, I suppose. Bruce’s father sat him down when he was 13 and taught him there is only one woman out there for him…

I guess hugs are ok because some chick ran up and gave him a squeeze when he came out of the doors. That was right in front of his dad. Uh, oh!

“The good news is your husband really loves you,” that’s what Simon said to Angela Reilly after she sang for the judges. Angela is a newlywed. Her model husband helped her practice for the audition. He thought she sounded awesome!

Ok, here’s the million dollar question of the night. Who’s the bozo who had a pregnant woman auditioning DURING CONTRACTIONS – and didn’t show us how she managed that? Who made that decision?

That boring ambulance video is not what we want to see. We can see flashing lights on the nightly news any day of the week.

Antoria Gillon got a Golden Ticket dispite going into labor. So I guess we’ll be introduced to her later. I am so curious to see her determination. I wonder if the contractions helped her belt out the notes?

Overcoming adversity is a popular theme for this show. Jessica Brown is a stay at home mom now, but used to be a meth addict. She’s come so far from the addiction, the trouble, the arrests…

I commend her for getting clean and for her advocacy to stay off drugs. But are you allowed to have an arrest record and be on American Idol? Are you? Is the rule, if you tell the producers up front you’re good? But if you withhold – and are found out – you are gone?

Well Jessica is good, for now.

So is Kyle Ensley, the kid with the campaign ad. He says he wants to be the next Governor of Oklahoma, but he wants AI more. Simon said yes and he reminded the Dawg that he is making a decision for someone who might be a future president.

It’s interesting to see how people react to the judges decision.

Colton Swon earned a golden ticket, but wanted to hide it from his parents as he walked out the door.

Kyle Rennieck’s smooth air mic moves, didn’t soften what Simon called his “slightly demonic" look. Kyle blamed it on the “guyliner.”

Beth Maddox said she makes a lot of tips as a singing waitress at a fondue restaurant. The judges said, her rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s “Beautiful Disaster” was a disaster.

People tell Alaina Whitaker she looks like Carrie Underwood. She says she likes to think of it like Underwood looks like her. I say neither of them look like each other. If you missed her, she’ll be back.

Pia Zpia Easley is a model, a musician and a background singer. Her style is very different than most of the contestants. Were those sideburns? All three judges were impressed. Me, not so much… yet.

Brandon Green might have seemed like a joke when he showed Ryan his bag of peeled fingernails he’s been collecting for seven years. But he dropped a Hall and Oats song that Paula and Randy liked. Simon told him he was forgettable, but was outvoted.

You could tell Simon was not forgetting about Kady Malloy any time soon. His eyes lit up when she entered the room. Kady, who I think has similar facial features as Halle Berry, did vocal impersonations… artists like Britney and Carrie Underwood. But the judges liked Kady’s own voice best. **SIMON HAS A FEELING ABOUT HER. He said, I think out of all the people we’ve seen this year, you are the best.”

The season is still young.

Out of all the people I’ve seen this year, I like the farm boy the best. Drew Poppelreiter is a good ole boy with southern charm. He’s incredibly polite, adorable and a has a great voice. He also gave my favorite quote of the night, “my family is a hard working bunch of rascals.” YEEE HAW!

Country is not my thing either Simon, but he deserves a shot.

And that reminds me…

Ace Young, my favorite-ever Idol contestant, will be out with an album in April. I’m sensing a special guest artist evening. So I look forward to April and hope to God that something catches my eye in the meantime.

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