Anal sex: Safe during pregnancy?

My partner and I enjoy anal sex as part of our lovemaking. We would like to continue if the baby will not be harmed. Is it safe to have anal sex while pregnant?


Peg Plumbo CNM

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Anal sex causes no direct harm to the baby.

When having anal sex it's important to go slowly. The anal sphincter is a ring of muscle that can be voluntarily contracted or relaxed. Penetration before your partner is ready can result in tearing of the sensitive skin.

As part of your foreplay gently insert a lubricated finger, and then two, to be sure your partner is relaxed. Penetration should always be comfortable and enjoyable.

If you decide to continue with other love play following anal sex, it's important to always wash the penis well with warm soap and water before reinsertion to avoid a vaginal infection or oral transmission of E. Coli.

Because anal sex has been shown to increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, it's important to always use a condom along with a water-based lubricant, such as AstroGlide. (You might want to avoid condoms with spermicides, as they can irritate the sensitive rectal tissues.)

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