Are You Overly Concerned with Your Looks? Find Out if You Suffer from "Ugliphobia"

In her new book Ugly As Sin: The Truth About How We Look and Finding Freedom from Self Hatred, psychotherapist and author Toni Raiten-D’Antonio describes an epidemic of “ugliphobia.” Women with who suffer from ugliphobia, which she says is almost all women to some degree, are so afraid that they are ugly, even in some small way, that this fear keeps them from enjoying life to its fullest. In mild forms, ugliphobia means you avoid swim suits, even in your own backyard. In more severe cases, ugliphobic women can become so self-critical and self-conscious that they no longer have a realistic sense of their appearance and can fall into disorders such as depression, agoraphobia and anorexia. Take this quiz and get a sense of how ugliphobic you are and find out what steps you can take to enjoy your life more.