Are You a Social Media Addict?

It can be a rush to find a former crush on Facebook, to text a pal while getting a pedicure or  to Tweet your latest mood swing in less than 140 characters. Lindsay Lohan knows this. According to the Daily Mail, the staff at the Betty Ford Clinic cut her cell phone use to two hours a day and cut her off from Twitter -- cold turkey.

Makes sense, given that Lohan was being treated for addiction. Says Peter J. Adams, author of Fragmented Intimacy: Addiction in a Social World, "It is not surprising that some people will find themselves entering an addictive relationship [with social media]." Adams places the blame on easy access to connectivity, and just how accepted it has become consider social media an integral part of daily life. “Addiction here refers to serious deteriorations in other parts of that person’s life, such as health, work and social involvements,” he says.

Sound familiar? Take this quiz to find out if you’re a social media addict.

By Josey Miller