Are You Turning Into Your Mother?

18 Clues from 18 Women Who Are

Call it luck, call it a curse, call it genetics. Call it what you like, but the truth is that as we get older, we all see shades of our mothers in ourselves. It's discovering which bits and pieces you've inherited that makes it interesting. What do you think? Do you see yourself turning into your mother? Or do you wish you could be more like her? Share your answers on the message board.

Here's what 18 other iVillagers have to say on the subject:

"For the last few years I have heard that I am a lot like my mom, and I am proud when I hear those words because she is one hell of a lady! We even fool people on the phone when I answer. They think it's her every time!" --iVillager morningglory

"My kids have been told to tie a plastic bag over my head if I even remotely behave like she does." --iVillager cherrypie068

"The truth is that I may look like her, but I am not cold to my kids like she was. And I don't play favorites." --iVillager hopefaith2000

"Every day I find myself saying the exact same things that my mom used to say to me when I was little! It's scary, but she is a wonderful mom so I don't mind at all. It worked for me so hopefully it will work for my kiddos too." --iVillager kellyw99

"Yes, and I love it! My mother is the best. Educated, well-mannered and sassy when need be. I love when someone tells me I am like my mother." --iVillager suitelady_sw

"My mother is the best cook and baker in the world. If I got anything from her, it's my love for cooking. I hope I learn to bake like her one day!" --iVillager sugrmagnolia

"I'm fortunate enough to work part time, something she never could do, so I'm free to be at school more and do more community service. These are things she taught me to do while she worked full time and raised three children! She is a wonderful woman, mother, wife, grandmother, daughter and even a wonderful mother-in-law according to my hubby. I'm really lucky to have a mother I can communicate honestly with and enjoy." --iVillager beck34

"Becoming a mom has made me just like my mom. I used to be completely carefree and it drove her nuts! Now that I'm a mom of two (son 10, daughter 8) and I'm more responsible, but a bit of a nervous wreck when my children are outside on their own." --iVillager masully

"I always hoped I would be nothing like my mother and it turns out I'm like her in a lot of ways. We both want to be in charge, are very outspoken and pretty impatient. I guess that explains why we used to clash so much." --iVillager allstar22

"I have a lot of my mother's mannerisms. Even though I haven't lived near her for the last, oh, 24, 25 years! That has to say something for the nature vs. nurture argument!" --iVillager pusskin

"When I walk into a room, my dad often has to do a double-take because he thinks I'm my mom! I am a mirror image of her but I got my business sense from my dad -- and that's a good thing!" --iVillager jeckie

"I always tease my mom about me looking like my dad on the outside, but having her all of her interior characteristics! She is blond and petite. I am dark and tall. She has delicate facial features and I have a Roman nose. She has thin hips and legs, mine are -- different! But we think exactly alike. She can tell what I'll say to almost any given question and she feels the same. She can actually select clothes that I like and are flattering on me. We have the same interests in hobbies. We even are in the same line of work. She administers anesthetics in surgery and I assist the surgeon's during procedures. The really strange thing is that when I was a teen, I thought my Mom had the worst taste in everything! One day she brought me home an old plate with a saying on it. It said, "Someday teenagers will be as dumb as they think their parents are." Not only did that saying turn out to be true, but I'm really proud to be my mother's daughter. I love you, Mom!" --iVillager nonohages

"We have similar voices. Other than that I think I'm completely different from my mom. We have never been close, but no matter what she's like, she is my mother and I love her." --iVillager romancia

"My mom and I are more alike than I like to admit, but what I want the most is to give my children that same unrelenting, unconditional love that she has always given to me and my brother." --iVillager candystriper

"I know one thing for sure, and that is, I sneeze like her. Everyone one tells me that. What a weird thing to have inherited! LOL." --iVillager kg617

"Mom has a wonderful way with people and with kids. She taught me to use humor to diffuse tense situations, including my daughters' tantrums. There was a time when she had to use things like reverse psychology on me, too, though. If my mom didn't want me to buy something, she'd say how much she liked it. There was no way I was buying anything my mother liked! Now we both wind up buying the same things, when we don't even shop together! It's weird." --iVillager nh2girls

"As I get older and the more I look in the mirror, the more I think, 'Jeez, I'm looking at my mother, not myself.'" --iVillager cl-lindsey210

"I'm so much like my mom in some areas it's ridiculous. We're both jacks of all trades. We can build you a deck in the morning, cook you a real meal in the afternoon and wallpaper your living room in the evening. Our differences are more superficial. She's computer-phobic and refuses to pierce her ears! --iVillager tail.or_maid

Talk about the relationship you have with your mother on the Mothers and Daughters message board.

Plus, get advice on how to deal with in-laws and other family members too.

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