Army Wives "Nobody's Perfect" July 29 Recap

The morning at Fort Marshall started off with Roxy and Pamela going for a walk and discussing Scott. Pamela confided to Roxy that he just got to her and she's not sure how or why but that after nine years of marriage to Chase she wonders sometimes where the attractive man went. Pamela told Roxy that after nine years she would understand. As they neared Pamela's home they saw a bouquet of flowers on her front step. There was no card and Pamela assumed they were from Scott since Chases hadn't sent her flowers in years. This, she explained was how and why Scott got to her.

Roland just finished getting ready for work and was about to leave when through the front door came Joan. Surprise! She was early, Roland said he wasn't expecting her until evening. She told him she took an earlier flight because she just needed to get home and to see him. They sat down on the couch and apologized to him for everything she had put him through. She told him that even though her career was important to her that her marriage would be her priority not the army and that she wanted to make things work. Wow what a change from a few weeks ago when she couldn't stand the sight of her husband. Her therapy must have got the heart of things because Joan appears to be someone completely different!

Later that morning Lenore Baker said a few words to dedicate Fort Marshall's first ever memorial rose garden. She took this as a complete photo op because she broke ground in a two piece dress suit complete with heels and pearls, not exactly gardening attire. She fluttered about telling people what to do in perfect Lenore form. Meanwhile Marilyn and Angie were gossiping, big shocker! Angie told Marilyn that Pamela was having an affair with Scott and that she saw it with her own eyes. A complete lie of course. It's apparent that if these women see a fellow army wife with any man other than their husband they must be having an affair. It really irritated me that Marilyn would feed into it considering the wives protected her and her secret. No one knows about her affair and yet she is more than happy to perpetuate a lie. Lenore made her way through the ladies until she came upon Claudia Joy, Denise, Pamela and Roxy. She asked if everyone got their invite for the Hail and Farewell that evening. Roxy said she didn't and inquired as to what a Hail and Farewell was. Lenore said it is a gathering to say goodbye to someone who is leaving while welcoming someone into the Fort Marshall family. She then made an exaggerated point of saying that night's Hail and Farewell was for Officers and their wives only. Withough skipping a beat she then turned to Marilyn and asked her if she could help with the last of the details for that evening's party. You would have though Marilyn was just asked by the President himself to help organize an event the way she reacted, all starstruck and in awe. Angie was no different simply saying "Wow". The other ladies of course found it amusing and couldn't help but giggle.

Meanwhile, Michael and Joan had a meeting to discuss her future and career with the military. Joan admitted she did not know if she was ready or if she really wanted to resume command of her unit. Michael told her he supported her 100% in either of her decisions but that she could only make the decision one time. General Baker was on his way to discuss the matter and Michael told her that it wouldn't look good on her record if she turned down her command. When General Baker entered the office he made no secret that he did not think Joan should resume command because of what happened with Belgrad. Michael supported Joan completely and told the General that he had total faith and trust in her. With that General Baker left the office leaving Joan with some hard decisions to make.

At the Sherwood home Frank and Denise talked about his trip to D.C and how things went. He told her that everyone was impressed by him and how he handled the Black Hawk crash. He told Denise that they told him he was on the fast track which could lead to a nice office job at the Pentagon. Denise was very impressed and very proud. Frank told her that they needed to start making the right connections and contacts now in order to ensure the Pentagon station. He suggested lunch with the Baker's the next day. Denise told Frank she had to work which didn't sit well with him. He believed because he could support her that she didn't need to work. She reminded him she needed something for herself, that she liked nursing and was good at it. This seemed to satiate Frank. He suggested that instead of lunch they would knock them dead at the Hail and Farewell. Denise gently reminded him that she just said she had to work. This angered Frank and he told her that he was not going to do this alone that she was going and that was final. Wow someone sure is living in the 50's aren't they? I can understand Frank is used to having Denise at home and she is there everytime he needs her but to be so pig headed when it comes to her needs, that is just not right. I can tell he worships the ground his wife walks on so it just amazed me that he could be so selfish about her working.

Over at Pamela's house she was busy vacuuming when a figure enters the living room and grabbed her from behind. Pamela screamed and punched him. It turned out to be Chase, home for a brief 36 hour layover. Chase looked over at the flowers on the table. Pamela could only look at him, you could tell she was trying to come up with something. She didn't have to because Chase simply said "You got my flowers". The relief and love that came over Pamela's face was indescribeable. They weren't from Scott she could relax. They went off to the bedroom to make love. Afterwards they spent time cuddled together and talked about how Chase was doing. He told her he felt so isolated in his job. He told Pamela that he didn't understand how some men could get som immersed in their mission and the culture to the point where they are divorced and have lost their families. He said that he didn't want to be one of those guys, that Pamela was his rock and he didn't want to lose her. For the first time Pamela realized her husband didn't choose the job so he could be away playing G.I. Joe but he does the job because he feels it's important, just like his family is. For the first time we as an audience really get to see that family is important to Chase. It has been rare to see any sense of responsibility from him when it comes to Pamela and the kids. This was nice to see.

At the Hail and Farewell Frank showed up solo but assured the Bakers Denise would be arriving shortly. Claudia Joy and Michael were talking and when Frank came over Michael excused himself to talk to General Baker. Joan and Roland were grabbing drinks and finger foods when Joan said she used to enjoy the gatherings but all she wanted now was to go home. She grabbed Roland's cup and put it down and said for them to leave and go home and off they went. The exit did not go unnoticed by General Baker and Michael Holden. Baker took the opportunity to remind Michael of his concerns about Joan. It was during this conversation that General Baker seemed to be unwell. When Michael inquired if he was ok he said nothing was wrong. At that moment Lenore asked to speak to him privately. Away from the other guests Lenore and her husband were in the middle of an arguement and Claudia Joy just happened to walk by. She overheard the General tell his wife to divorce him and when she said it's not possible he said that they should just play their parts and that would be that not expect more and he walked off. When Lenore turned around she saw Claudia Joy. You could tell that almost immediately Lenore was going into attack mode and plotting somethine, but what? We saw in the preview last week she was going to start a rumor but what could Lenore know about Claudia Joy that was such a secret?

The next morning Frank is very angry with Denise because she did not make the party. She apologized and Frank said it wasn't good enough. He told her she was going to quit because he was not going to have this kind of life. Denise didn't say anything except she would try to be home for dinner and off to work she went. A lot of activity was going on at the hospital that day. Roland was councelling a soldier who believed his wife to be cheating on him. Roland asked why it was so important to the soldier that his wife admit to the affair that for some admitting it was just a way to release the guilt and that maybe the secret was worth keeping if it would help save the marriage. The soldier didn't understand at all. Roland simply asked if he wanted to save his marriage. Since this is something Roland knows about first hand he was trying to get the soldier to understand the other side of the story. It's going to be interesting to see how long Roland can keep this to himself and if keeping this secret will have a positive effect on things. In the ER Marilyn, Angie and some other wives were standing around gossiping as usual. I can only presume they were there to see someone as they all had flowers. Denise overheard them talking about Claudia Joy. Marilyn said Claudia Joy was kicked out of Harvard Law because she killed someone. Denise couldn't take it she walked over to them and told them to leave and that she wouldn't tolerate them spreading lies. When Marilyn said Lenore said it Denise told her that should have been a big clue that it was all lies. I thought this a great come back. Denise has never been one to hide her feelings about trouble makers even if they are higher ranking wives. Just then paramedics came rushing through the doors. Lenore, Michael and Claudia Joy were right behind them. General Baker was on the stretcher. Claudia Joy waited outside the ER and a short time later Michael emerged telling Claudia Joy that it may be an aneurysm. With that Claudia Joy could only ask what she could do to help. After some tests it was confirmed that General Baker did have an aneurysm and that he needed surgery. He would need at least a one month recovery. Michael left to go to the office and get things in order. Claudia Joy went in to offer support to Lenore but all Lenore could say was that Claudia Joy should not think this was her opportunity to replace her. It really amazed me that at such a scary time the only concern in Lenore's mind was whether or not she would be queen bee among the wives. It is truly pathetic and says a lot for her priorities in life. When Claudia Joy left the room Denise told her all about the new rumor floating around.

Meanwhile at the Sherwood home Frank was eating alone. You could tell he was really mad. He slammed down his fork, grabbed his keys and headed out the door. I just knew he was going to the hospital. What was he going to do was my question. Would he be so pigheaded as to humiliate Denise by demanding she come home? Would he disrespect her in front of her co workers by starting a public fight? At the hospital one of Denise's patients stopped breathing just as Frank made his way onto the floor. He saw Denise rush to the room and through the window he watched her save the patient's life. In that moment he seemed to have a new appreciation for his wife and what she wanted to do with her life. He left without even letting her know he was there. The next morning he told Denise that he knew she saved a patient. When she asked how he admitted he was so angry he went to the hospital and was going to "drag her kicking and screaming" out of there to come home but when he saw her at work he realized why he loved her so much. He then told Denise he would not fight her on the work issue anymore.

At Roland and Joan's home Joan was putting on her uniform. The night before Michael had offered her the job of Executive Officer. He told her that he needed someone he could trust since he was taking over the division in General Baker's absence. This job would be a great opportunity for her, for her career and would practically wipe the slate clean with regards to her Article 15. Joan turned to Roland and told him that this in no way changed what she said. She was determined to make their marriage a priority. Roland told her that the uniform suited her and that they would make things work. His way of letting her know that he supports her decision.

Meanwhile, Chase quietly kissed his kids goodbye. He had to leave, his layover was done and he needed to head back out on mission. He kissed Pamela goodbye and without a word from either of them he was out the door again. Poor Pamela, she misses him so much. I wonder how long he will be gone this time and what the "rumor mill" will produce to start trouble for her. She's a tough cookie though and so I know she can hold her own. I just hope Scott respects that and doesn't come back trying again.

Later that day Claudia Joy invited Roxy, Denise, Pamela and Roland over. She sat them down and told them she wanted to discuss the rumor that Lenore Baker started. She confided to them that 20 years ago she was going to Harvard Law. She hated her classes because she didn't want to be a lawyer but since her father was a judge she didn't have much choice. Because she was good at her schooling she doubled up on her classes to get through school as quickly as possible. One night she was in the library until 3 am. When she left to go home she was completely exhausted and for a split second she closed her eyes while driving. In that time she heard a thud. When she stopped to see what it was she realized she had hit someone. She tried to save the man but she said he was already dead. After that she left school and her life went downhill as she went through some dark times. During this time she met Michael and built her life back up again with his support. She said that everything she does not is to make up for the loss of the young man's life long ago. Everyone was very supportive of her. Knowing it was an accident and could happen to anyone it makes me wonder why this is even gossip worthy. I guess it being an accident is one of those details that Lenore conveniently forgot to mention to add the extra drama and controversy to things. Personally I think this is a really low blow and to think this woman has this kind of time on her hands is quite pathetic. I wonder how Claudia Joy will respond to all the whispers. It should be interesting.

So all in all a very good episode. It was as if everyone had in some way or another made a brand new start. I can't wait for next week to see where things go from here.

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