Army Wives: "Only the Lonely" July 22 Recap

Good morning Fort Marshall!! This was one episode that I have been dying to see since the previews last week. What was going to happen with Roland and Pamela? Were they going to go to far in their grief and emotional times? How were the Holden's going to start rebuilding their family since the blowup last week? I couldn't wait to find out!

What a buzz of activity first thing in the morning. Then I realized, "Hey that's normal life when you've got kids!" After last week's encounter between Amanda and Jeremy and her staying out late it was pretty much a given that Claudia Joy would be in line for a face to face with Amanda. Well it didn't take long for that to happen. First thing in the morning she was on the phone leaving another voicemail on Amanda's cell when in walked her daughter from the bus stop. Claudia Joy asked Amanda where she was and why she was out all night. You could tell Amanda was tired and just didn't want to get into anything and so she just laid it out there for her mother. She told Claudia Joy she was out all night having sex with Jeremy and that she was going to continue to see him. She didn't let Claudia Joy respond and off to bed she went. To be honest I almost laughed at the matter of fact tone that Amanda had then almost simultaneously shuddered because I have a daughter!

Pamela's day didn't start any better. The kids were out of control. They were whining and yelling and poor Pamela didn't have what they wanted for breakfast and wasn't that the end of the world for them? How many times have I had to pull non traditional breakfasts out of my hat because I didn't have enough milk to go round! In the middle of their complaining Pamela asked why they weren't dressed yet because they had art camp. So instead of arguing about breakfast with the kids she made them go get dressed. To be honest I have no idea if they even ate that morning!

Over at the LeBlanc house Roxy and Trevor are cheering the boys on as they play a friendly game of soccer with some other kids from the area. Shortly into the game along came a young boy named Javier who asked if he could join in. The more the merrier right? Good thing for that because Javier had some fancy footwork going on and scored a couple goals. After the game Roxy and Trevor came to find out that Javier's dad had passes away a couple months prior when his SUV was blown up during a deployment. Roxy took it upon herself to drive Javier home and introduce herself to Javier's mother Delores, who was pregnant and visibly still in mourning for the loss of her husband Diego. Roxy was having coffee and talking with Delores when the phone rang. Delores did not pick it up. When the machine got it Roxy overheard that Delores had to vacate the premises in two days time. She was avoiding leaving post and she was out of time. Roxy offered to help her get her things together and packed up.

Meanwhile Denise was in class at the hospital. She was taking notes and asked how things would be charted. She was informed that charts were no longer used that it was all computerized. For Denise this was the realization that she had been away from nursing for a very long time. In her desire to find herself again and define "Denise" as something more than just an army wife and mother she forgot that things change over time and nursing was no exception to the rule. When the class was taken to change in to greens for some practical hands on work Denise took the opportunity to leave the class and go home.

Pamela dropped the kids off at the art class and ran into Angie, a very snotty and nosey wife. They were exchanging less than pleasantries when the class teacher Scott, called to Pamela. Wouldn't you know that they used to know one another. They started catching up a little when Angie interjected to remind Scott he had a class to teach. Pamela said goodbye and Scott went on to teach his class. Later that day when Pamela came to pick up the kids they asked if Scott's son John could come for dinner. The request lead to not only John coming for dinner but Scott bringing pizza instead of Pamela microwaving something for the kids. Scott and Pamela sat on the floor drinking wine and talking when Scott took it upon himself to share with Pamela that he had feelings for her and always had. I was furious when this happened. I mean come on now. She's married, her husband is deployed and you want to pull this? Oh I wanted to throw something. THEN he had the gall to ask her if he would have said something oh so long ago would it have made a difference? Is that just not taking advantage of a woman who is emotionally fragile because not only is her husband deployed but because of his job she has no contact with him. My annoyance transferred to Pamela when she said "Yes" that it would have made a difference. Come on now people live in the now! I'm not saying there hasn't been times through my life that I haven't wondered what if but I'm married and those what if's have been a moot point since I met my husband and said I do. Scott's behavior was completely inappropriate.

The next day Roland was in his office being interviewed about the book he had written. The conversation lead to his personal life and Joan. When he tried to expand on Joan's success the journalist said it was all impressive but she was there to talk about him not Joan. They then took the interview to lunch where when the interview ended the conversation became personal. Oh boy, here was the other moment I was dreading. Come on Roland you aren't going to be stupid either are you?

Meanwhile Amanda went to visit Denise to see how she was doing. She spent most of the day there talking about Jeremy and life in general. Denise confided to her that she tried to go back to school because she quit to marry Frank. When Amanda asked if she quit again it really hit home that she HAD quit. Amanda told her she needed to stop thinking so much. This made sense to Denise. Later on Amanda phoned Claudia Joy to let her know where she was and to say that she was not going on family vacation with everyone. She told Claudia Joy that she had asked Denise if she could stay there and Denise had said yes. Claudia Joy was not happy about this and told Amanda she needed to think but to have Denise call her in the morning.

Since it was getting late Roland drove the journalist back to her hotel. She said she was glad to meet him and took his hand. When Roland said he couldn't she simply said that it was a good thing she was leaving the next day. In my mind that translated into "I'm leaving tomorrow so what difference does it make because we will not see eachother again, we're both married." Basically no strings attached. Well wouldn't you know Roland did it. He went to her room and had sex with her. Very disappointed in Roland. I'm not saying he didn't deserve to be selfish because of all he's been through with Joan but this was just not the selfishness I wanted to see!

The next morning Denise is over at Claudia Joys' and they are discussing Amanda. They agree that Amanda should not stay with Denise. Instead Claudia Joy will stay home with her and Michael and Emma Lynn will vacation together alone. During their discussion the phone rang, it was Roxy she need Claudia Joy at Delores' house. When Denise and Claudia Joy arrived the MP's were there with the housing authority. Delores was not willing to let anyone in. Roxy and Claudia Joy went to the door and Delores let them in. She admitted she was not ready to leave. Claudia Joy said she could ask for an extension for her to stay but it was temporary and that if she let the FRG help they could find a new place for them to live and a new school for Javier. It was really hard for Delores, to her it was like saying that final goodbye to her husband, something she didn't know if she was ready for. Claudia Joy and Roxy assured her she was a strong woman and that she needed to start a new life for her sake and for the sake of Javier and her unborn child. She agreed to let Roxy and Claudia Joy help.

That afternoon when Pamela went to pick up the kids from art class she tried to rush them out so she didn't have to come face to face with Scott again. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way. Scott apologized to her for the night before and told her that he was going to have the kids over for dinner. When she said she was busy Scott told her that it was just the kids not her and that he would keep them overnight so she could have some private time. Angie of course was listening a little too closely. Noticing this Pamela thanked Scott and said it was really nice and off she went. Alone in her house she looked around and realized she was alone and let out a big scream. It brough a giggle to her lips and I think it helped to relieve some of the stress that has been building up since Chase deployed. During the night when Pamela was asleep there was a knock at the door. It was Scott, bringing home Pamela's daughter who said she had a sore tummy. Scott tucked her in and then closed the bedroom door. In the hallway Scott and Pamela leaned into one another and I swear I was yelling so loud at the tv! "Don't do it!" Yay Pamela! She didn't she stopped it some sense flew into her home just in the knick of time! Can you hear my big sigh of relief! Oy!

The next day the whole gang was together at Delores' house helping her pack things up and get the house in order for her walk through. Outside Pamela and Roland were carrying a trunk that Roland almost dropped. Pamela asked him if he was ok and he said that he was fine. I find it ironic that Pamela was the one who asked him don't you? Once everything was packed up Delores realized she did not have room for everything and asked if she should just leave it on the lawn. Roxy advised against it, citing a big chit to pay. Trevor offered to buy her dining set and being a proud woman Delores said he didn't have to do that. Trevor said that he and Roxy needed furniture and so he wanted the set. Pamela took a lamp and Denise took a big red chair. The wives agreed to find homes of whatever was left. With her thanks and a tearful goodbye Delores left to start her new life.

Michael packed up the truck and Emma Lynn joined him outside. With hugs and goodbyes they prepared to leave. Amanda ran outside to give Michael a hug goodbye but playfully reminded him that the Jeremy situation wasn't over at all. His response to her was that he didn't think it was. With that he and Emma Lynn were off on their vacation and Amanda and Claudia Joy were on their own.

Over at Roxy's house Trevor was digging through the fridge when Roxy came into the kitchen. She asked if he had gotten the results of his MRI for his knee. He spelled out "no surgery" with the letter magnets on the fridge. He told Roxy that he no longer needed his crutches, and had two more weeks of physical therapy. Once this was done he could start training again for deployment. Roxy said she was happy for him. Trevor promised Roxy he would be ok.

The show ended off with another great song, that I have no idea what it is! They don't seem to let the credits play long enough for anyone to find out. Roland received a phone call from Joan. We heard him tell her that he loved her, missed her and that he was doing well. What is going to happen when Joan gets home? Is he going to tell her? Is his behavior going to continue? Roland was like a rock and I am surprised that he is crumbling so quickly. Although he has done something very awful I can't help but feel for the guy. The next time we see Denise she is in hospital greens standing outside the triage doors looking in. I wondered if she was going to just do it. I mean Denise is a strong woman and it's sad to see her doubt herself and her capabilities. I wasn't disappointed, though she took a few deep breaths and marched right in there and got to work!

Now let's get to the nitty gritty. Next week! We avoided complete disaster thanks to Pamela's self control, morals and dedication and love to her husband and family. Will we be so lucky next week when Lenore Baker re-emerges with claws out and venom ready? What is the story behind Claudia Joy's expulsion from Harvard? Is it so bad that it could cost her her reputation? By the looks of things it's not like Lenore can talk considering her husband tells her to divorce him. Seems that being Queen Bee is what Lenore holds most dear. Should be interesting. This is a catfight I can deal with! I can't wait!

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