Army Wives Recap: One of Our Own

Where should I start? Last night's episode of Army Wives had me on the edge of my seat the entire show. I think I have bitten off all my newly shaped nails. It was so intense! There was so much going on for everyone. Denise was waiting for news on Frank, we got an actual peek into who Joan really is, Roxy made a decison on the adoption of her boys and with all that was going on at Fort Marshall these wives supported eachother.

I know it is still so early into the series but last night's episode was by far my favorite. Yes, drama and all, it was simply amazing. My heart was racing the whole time. As I mentioned I was biting my nails and I came to the realization that I truly do need stock in Kleenex when watching this show! These actors are truly amazing in the portrayal of their characters and the writers are brilliant!

We started off this episode right where we left off last week which was great! I knew I didn't miss a thing and that nothing had to be assumed. Denise, in shock left the Holden household with Claudia Joy in tow. In town, Jeremy was leaving the movies with Amanda Holden when he found out about his father's downed Black Hawk. For the first time we could really see there was more to Jeremy than an abusive and selfish young man. WIthout hesitation after hearing the news his only thought was to get home to his mother. He arrived at the same time as Denise and when he called for her she just looked at him and walked into the house. Claudia Joy ran to him when he fell and explained that Denise was in shock and that he needed to be there for her. No matter what was said Jeremy had to be strong and be supportive of his mother. When they went into the house Denise had already packed a bag, determined to leave the house and hop on the next flight to Iraq. Claudia Joy stood in the doorway and refused to let her leave, telling her that she was going to stay put and wait at the house. Claudia also assured Denise that she would wait with her so she wouldn't be alone. So they sat and began their wait for news about Frank.

I couldn't help but tense up watching this confrontation. What would I do if I was ever in that situation. I think I too would try to get to where my husband was. The need to know must be so overwhelming. I felt so much for Denise and just wanted to be there for her. Sure it's a television show but I just feel for these women and although fictional people their lives are so similar.

With all that was going on Chase took Pamela to the range for target practice. He was doing great but realized that with the last shot he always choked and broke concentration, missing the important target. Pamela asked Chase what all this practive meant and Chase revealed he could not share anything with her and that she shouldn't ask anymore questions. Pamela being Pamela though she asked one more. She asked Chase if his team was going to recover Frank's body along with those of the rest of his unit. Without confirming that Chase simply said that the army was sending a team and that no matter the mission he could not tell her he was leaving, what his mission was, when he'd be back and under no circumstances would he have any contact while he was away. Pamela finally understood the enormity of Chase's new job and with that she took his gun and gave him tips on that all important shot he was missing.

Meanwhile Roxy was at home supervising her boys as they made signs for Denise showing their love and support during this rough time. As Trevor was leaving for work he stopped to help the boys finish their signs. Roxy told him that she loved those boys so much it hurt and Trevor replied "I know." At that moment Roxy truly realized that Trevor did love her boys and that he would be there for them and because he really did KNOW she told Trevor that she would be sending off the adoption papers that morning. With a big kiss Trevor said "Thank you".

Roland and Joan were not fairing any better in this episode that the last. Roland realized as he left for work that Joan has lost all hope. She phoned to find out some information on Frank's unit so that Roland could share with Denise any new updates on the search and recovery. Joan could only say that if Denise is lucky Frank is already dead, that it would be better that way because no one truly understands what "they" do to prisoners. All Roland could tell her was that there is always hope and that even if it meant his marriage was over he was very lucky to have his wife come home. I really think this hit a nerve with Joan. She could only stand there with tears in her eyes and no comment back to him as Roland left for work.

On his way to work Roland stopped by Denise's home to offer support. While there he told Claudia Joy to stop by his office and he would have a prescription for Denise to keep her calm. Although very appreciative of the love and support Denise just wants to be alone and asks Roland to tell everyone to go. He is not sure if she is joking or not and so Denise takes it upon herself to share with everyone that she doesn't want them there and that because her husband is dead she is not just another widow. In 6 months she will no longer be welcome there and will have to leave her home to make way for the next army wife. Jeremy tries to give his mother hope by telling her that Frank is not dead, her response to this was that she believed Jeremy would prefer if Frank was dead because then all his WestPoint problems would be solved. This statement stuns everyone but Jeremy doesn't run. He holds his ground and says nothing, letting his mother finish her "get out" speech. This really impressed me. Jeremy showed some courage, he could have ran, he could have retorted to what was said. It really was an awkward moment for everyone and yet Jeremy stood there embarassed, with a bruised ego, by his mother's side.

Later that day at the hospital Roland recuses himself from the Belgrad case because of "conflict of interest". When the doctor taking over says thank you, Belgrad over hears Roland's last name and utters the word "bingo". It didn't take much to realize that something terrible was about to happen. Roland returns to his office and Claudia Joy soon stops by to pick up the prescription for Denise. While they are talking there is a noise outside the office and some yelling. Belgrad bursts into Roland's office and demands that he get Joan down there and fast. Together they phone Joan and tell her the situation. Belgrad tells her she has thirty minutes to get to the office because they need to talk. Within minutes Roxy and Pamela get a phone call about the hostage situation. Denise and Jeremy, who seem to be getting along together cleaning their house, get a call as well. They immediately drop everything and gather outside the hospital waiting and worrying for the safety of their friends. For Denise, I thought this showed amazing support and love for her friends. During such a difficult time she could've not gone, she could have stayed at home waiting by the phone for news of Frank but yet she and Jeremy did not hesitate for one second to go to the hospital and be there for her friend.

Inside Roland's office he and Belgrad slowly start communicating with eachother about why this was happening. Why did Belgrad feel he had no other option but to take people hostage? Why did he harbor such ill will towards Joan? We did get our answers to Belgrad's motivation as well as some insight into Joan and what happened to make her so hopeless. Belgrad relays a story to Roland and Claudia about a villiage and we get to learn of the fore mentioned little girl. Meanwhile, in the parking lot where the "command post" is being set up to handle the situation Colonel Holden is made aware that his wife and Roland are the hostages and Joan confesses everything that lead up to this moment, including the story of the little girl in the village. For the first time we see a bit of what Joan went through during her deployment and how it has affected her back at home. With both Belgrad and Joan sharing this tragic story we learn that during a mission Belgrad was injured. Unable to move him safely back for medical care he stayed with a family who took care of him, fed him and tended to his injuries, especially the 10 year old girl in the family. When Belgrad was rescued by his team he promised the little girl that he would be back and take care of her family by bringing supplies for them. Shortly afterwards the unit returns with the food, medical and kitchen supplies. When they arrived at what they thought was a pacified village they found them under attack by insurgents. The village was being punished for helping the Americans and taking care of one of their soliders. The rules of engagement are clear and so Joan must order her unit to stay hidden and not interfere in the civilian conflict. Belgrad has a problem with this order and has to be held back until the fighting in the village is done. In the end the little girl was raped and shot and Belgrad feels responsible for this. Now we had answers to the questions of what had happened to Joan's unit that she and the other members are suffering so bad.

Although Col. Holden assures Joan that she was right in her actions she says that she doesn't feel right about them and she feels responsible for Belgrad and the situation that is going on. Meanwhile, the snipers are set up across from the hospital ready to take Belgrad out if the opportunity arises. The shooter, is Chase. Since Belgrad disabled the phone in the office there is no communication with the ground and they are unaware of the progress that Roland has made in communication with the soldier. He built a trust with him and asked him what he expected Joan to do about what happened in Afghanistan. All Belgrad wanted was for Joan to say she was sorry. Roland moved in towards Belgrad to take the fun from him and at the moment I knew that everything was going to be alright there was a pop and Roland had blood on his jacket. Chase took his shot, the one shot he always failed at in practice, he got it this time. The one time when I wish he would've missed. The office door blew open and several soldiers came in to rescue Claudia Joy and Roland. I couldn't believe this happened. Why would they take a shot like that when Roland was clearly in danger? Belgrad, although his actions were not fair or just, did not deserve to be take out like that.

In the parking lot when the word of an all clear was given you could see the relief on the faces of everyone waiting. Roland was the first out of the hospital. With tears in her eyes Joan went to him and embraced him tightly. This was the first real sign of emotion that she has shown her husband since she's been back and it was a very positive and hopeful sign for me. Now that she's "confessed" to what happened and Roland is more aware of what she went through maybe now she can open up to him and share her pain and her fears instead of pushing him away. Claudia Joy came out to the waiting arms of her husband and she finally succumbs to her emotions and breaks down. She is able to hug her daughters and her husband and then he tells her she must go to a debriefing on the situation. How hard must that have been for him to say to his wife? You know he just wants to hold her and be there for her and his girls but yet he must finish the job. As Claudia is being escorted to an awaiting vehicle Denise bypasses the barricade to run to her friend. They share a hug and knowing glances and then Claudia gets into the SUV to head to the offices for debriefing.

We are left with wondering about EVERYTHING! How is the debriefing going to go for Claudia, how is she going to cope with what she has just gone through? Is Denise going to find out about Frank? In the trailer for next week we see that a car pulls up to Denise's home. Who is in it? What are they going to say? So much to wonder about and so much to look forward to. I can't wait to see what's next!

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