Army Wives recap: "Rules of Engagement" August 19

Our weekly visit with our favorite group of army spouses started out at the Hump Bar. Roxy was working another evening shift and the bar was packed. As she made her way with a tray of drinks a very rude and obnoxious man approached her and made some comments. In typical Roxy style she blew him off with sarcasm and continued to make her way to a nearby table.

Waiting at the table for their round of drinks was Pamela and Claudia Joy. (Denise was at work) The women discussed what was going on and the only thing they all knew was that Roland had asked everyone to meet him there. When Roland arrived he shared with the ladies that he and Joan had separated, that it was his decision. The ladies offered their support and friendship to Roland. When Roxy was talking to Roland the man who had earlier hit on her approached the table and said why was Roland good enough and he wasn't. Roxy tried to diffuse the situation but the man grabbed her roughly and dragged her. Roland, in turn and in great style, threw a punch hitting the man in the face. A brawl broke out and in the commotion Roxy was hit in the eye. It was chaos.

Later on at home, Trevor tended to Roxy's inevitable black eye with frozen peas and frozen corn. He asked her to quit her job but Roxy refused.

When Claudia Joy arrived home Michael was sitting at the kitchen island preparing a late night snack. She jokingly asked if she missed curfew and Michael said he was getting worried. He asked where she was and she told him she was with Roland and the ladies because Roland wanted to let them know that he and Joan had separated. When she told Michael where they were he wasn't happy. She tried to explain that it was a harmless hang out. Michael's response was that a "Brigadere General's wife needs to exercise a bit of decorum". It took Claudia Joy a moment to realize what Michael had said and in the midst of her defense of the bar she stopped and asked if he really meant it! Michael said yes he was being promoted to General and would officially be post commander. The ceremony would be the following week. Claudia Joy asked about General Baker and Michael told her that he was retiring for health reasons and the case against Lenore was being dropped. This way, the Baker's could retire with dignity and the Army would not have another black mark against it for their investigation of Lenore.

So what happened at the Hump Bar? Well it seems as though Betty phoned the police. The next time we saw Roland he was sitting in a jail cell. A short time later an office came and let Roland out. Joan was waiting for him. He gathered his personal effects, put on his wedding ring and his glasses and then walked out of the station without a word to Joan. She followed him out and then drove him to the Hump Bar to get his car. She asked what happened but he didn't want to talk about it. She then told him since he was hurt he should come home instead of going back to the hotel. Roland told her that he had rented an apartment for the week and so he would only be in the hotel for one more night. He thanked her for bailing him out and said he'd come by the house to pick up a few things. The pain of Joan's face was obvious at this statement. A realization of sorts that this "separation" was serious and there was no quick fix.

At the Holden house Michael and Claudia Joy were sharing the news with the girls that he was being promoted to General and would officially be post commander. The girls were very supportive but something wasn't right with Amanda. She seemed very withdrawn and unenthusiastic. Michael told the girls that theirs was a demanding life but when an honor came to them it was to be shared by all. He also let them know that because of the new rank and position they needed to be mindful of their acitivities and associations because their lives were going to be under a microscope. Amanda asked about a celebratory dinner and Claudia Joy said it was already in the works. With that the girls offered up congratulations to their dad once again and left the room. Claudia Joy and Michael then went to the hospital to visit General Baker. I was so nervous watching this part of the show. I was wondering how Lenore was going to handle things and whether or not she was going be her usual catty self or if she would be able to keep it in check. When they arrived Michael said he wanted to go in first, alone. Claudia Joy and Lenore waited together in the hall. Lenore although visibly upset, offered congratulations to Claudia Joy and then added "you won". Claudia Joy said it wasn't a competition that they were all on the same team in the same army. She said she believed their was enough success for everyone. Lenore told her that her point of view may change, that things look different from the "top". She said that with Claudia Joys group of friends and being the General's wife something had to give, implying Claudia Joy could not be both the General's wife and have the friend's she chooses. With that Lenore walked off.

Roxy and Pamela were sitting on the step making comments about Trevor's abilities to fix cars as he tinkered away under the hood. They joked around making lewd comments about his talents causing slight embarassment for Trevor. Pamela's phone rang and she commented it was probably a collection's agency instead she was surprised to find out it was indeed Chase calling to tell her he was home. She drove to pick him up and they took advantage of the private time they had before they had to pick the kids up from day camp.

Claudia Joy entered Amanda's room and told her that she received a letter stating that Amanda missed orientation at her college and that it was very important she pick her classes and get the paperwork in on time. Amanda told Claudia Joy that she wanted to defer college one year. Claudia Joy was concerned that this had something to do with Jeremy and Amanda told her that she just needed time away from school. She didn't know what she wanted to do but she needed the break. Claudia Joy told her to fill out the papers and they would discuss this with Michael.

While Roxy was getting ready for work Trevor showed her an add from the post newspaper. It was a want add requesting a bookkeeper. Roxy asked him if he was crazy! Trevor said no that she did their books and so she was qualified to be a bookkeeper. Other perks were that she could work on post, set her own hours and work from home if she wanted to. He told her that she was one of the smartest people he knew and that she could do anything. Although she understood Trevor's concerns about her working at the bar she simply said she was happy where she was right now and that was the end of the conversation.

Pamela and Chase were walking down the street with the kids, everyone enjoying ice cream. The kids asked Chase if he was home for good and he told them he was home for awhile until Uncle Sam needed him again. They asked who Uncle Sam was. While he was trying to explain to them a couple ladies passed by and commented to Pamela that they loved her show and she needed to keep doing what she was doing. Chase asked what they were talking about and so Pamela told him about the show but said to get a better understanding he needed to listen to her next broadcast which was later that afternoon.

At the Hump Bar Roxy and Betty were surveying the damages. Roxy asked Betty if she was insured and Betty replied yes but the deductible was outrageous. She said that damages were at least a grand but she didn't have it. At that moment Roland walked in and said he would cover the damages, he threw the first punch and it was his responsibility. Roxy protested and said he was just protecting her, that if anything the other guy should have to cover the cost. Roland said no and handed over a check to Betty, who snatched it up! She thanked Roland for being the last true gentleman around and then left for the bank to cash the check. Roxy told Roland about Michael's promotion and how she thought it was great. Roland said that it was great but the look on his face said otherwise. He then excused himself and left to see Joan. He arrived at her office and asked if she was taking the executive officer job. This upset Joan because the job had not even been offered and Roland wanted to know if she was taking it, once again putting the army first. Joan was furious. She reminded Roland that they were separated, he was living in a hotel and that he basically had already made it clear that they did not have a marriage. During the argument Michael walked in. Roland offered his congratulations. Michael shook Roland's hand and then asked Joan to come to his office when she had a moment. Roland left and Joan went to see Michael. He told her that he knew about her separation and that he was very sorry. He added that although it was a personal and private matter he needed to know what was going on because Joan's responsibilities and executive officer were serious. If her mind wasn't completely there it could result in the deaths of soldiers. He said if she could not handle the job at this time he would recall the previous excutive officer to take her place. Joan insisted she was completely focussed.

Pamela's radio show is a hit. As always Pamela is colorful and blunt with her responses to the callers. She was discussing homecomings with a military wife who was nervous about her husband's return. Pamela made light of the stress stating that they would be too busy reconnecting intimately to worry about how to act with one another. She shared her story of Chase's homecoming and how he got a real "heroes welcome" a "21 gun salute". When Pamela came home after her show she asked Chase if he heard it. He told her yes and then said he wasn't happy that she had shared their sex life on the air, that it was private and should stay private. He asked her if she realized how bad he was going to get ribbed by Delta when he went to work the next day? Pamela was surprised at his reaction to her show, she was just being her usual self and thought he would understand that.

At the commissary Denise bumped into Joan. They exchanged pleasantries and Joan asked about Frank. Denise said he was on standby and asked how Joan was, that she had heard about the separation. Joan replied fine but that didn't convince Denise. She pushed the issue a little. Joan said that Denise was Roland's friend and they shouldn't be talking about this. Denise said Joan looked like she could use a friend and hoped that Joan and Roland could get past whatever caused the separation. Joan simply said somethings happen and somethings you just can't get past. With that she left.

Later that evening Michael was waiting to talk to Amanda on the deck. He told her that she worked very hard to get into college and that she really should go. He admitted her could not force her to go. She said she was glad he understood that it was her choice. Michael then added that if she wasn't going to school he expected her to get a job and work. It would be her responsibility to pay for her own clothing and gas, basically pay her own way. He would not tolerate her lounging about. Amanda asked if that was all and got up and left. Claudia Joy was bringing drinks just as Amanda was leaving and Michael updated her to their conversation.

While Trevor was getting ready for bed Roxy came into the room toting a jar with money in it. She called it "Roxy's bar and grill". She told Trevor that saving money little by little would eventually lead to the purchase of her own business. She thanked Trevor for reminding her to follow her dreams. Although Trevor said it was great you could tell he was thinking something else as he turned away from her. Roxy could tell as well and she asked what was wrong. Trevor said the army is his job. Roxy said she knew that and she didn't expect to buy the business now but after Trevor's tour. He told Roxy there would always be another tour, that they would be moving around all the time and wouldn't be in any one place long enough for her to start her own business. He said he thought she understood that. With great disappointment on her face Roxy grabbed her jar and told him that obviously she didn't understand, until now.

The next day at the hospital Denise was leaving when she ran into Roland. He asked her why she didn't return his calls, that he was free for lunch and he wanted to know if she would join him. Denise seemed very uncomfortable and made an excuse to go. Roland asked if something was wrong and Denise told him she ran into Joan and that she was told something happened. Roland confessed to his one night stand. Denise expressed her disappointment at Roland. She said she was his friend and she would support him but he cheated on his wife. She said this whole time it was the army wives and him, all one big group and now.... Roland finished the sentence for her by saying "and now I'm just another man" and then he turned and walked away.

While Claudia Joy was going over the details of the dinner party they were having for Michael's promotion Lenore showed up. She gave Claudia Joy a card of "tips" on it. She said she was given that card when she took over as post commander's wife and she was passing it along. You could tell Lenore had been crying. She said to Claudia Joy that they had had their differences but that Claudia Joy was so beautiful and educated. It looks as though things come so easily for her. Meanwhile she had to work so hard for everything. Claudia Joy said it was not true, that she had to work hard too. She also said that Lenore had accomplished so much and now that she was retiring she could enjoy all her hard work. Lenore took it upon herself to tell Claudia Joy that she and General Baker were getting a divorce, and it wasn't a bad thing because her husband never appreciated what she had done for him anyways. She then said "There are no goodbyes in the army" and left. Does that mean Lenore is going to find a new military husband? Maybe this won't be the last of Lenore that we see!

At Joan's office she received a phone call which set off alarms. She told the caller whatever happened wasn't possible but she would be right there. Joan drove out to the airfield and found out that the vehicles that were required for the next equipment delivery to Bahgdad were not the correct ones. She looked at the requisition sheet and saw that she did indeed sign off on the order. The Captain in charge of loading said they would have to cancel the flight. Joan said that she would fix it within the hour but she needed his co operation. He acknowledged the order and off Joan went to make some phone calls.

Later that evening Chase came home and Pamela was waiting for him. She said the kids were over at a friend's house and she was going to take Chase to dinner to apologize for the comments she made on the air. Chase gave her a bouquet of flowers and said that he was the one who needed to apologize for over reacting to her show. Although confused she let Chase explain his change of heart. He confessed that when he went to work he found out just how popular Pamela's show was that everyone was listening to it. Pamela couldn't believe Delta was listening to the post radio show. Chase said that the guys in his unit said they listened to learn about their women and that because of Pamela's comments about his "21 gun salute" he is now know and "the big man". Pamela laughed and asked Chase because she talked him up and everyone was impressed that what she shared on the radio was now ok? Chase laughed and said yes.

Roland was packing a few things in a bag when Joan returned from work. She asked if they could talk about their marriage because she needed to know what was going on. Roland said he needed time. She said that was not acceptable, that she had made a huge mistake at work because she couldn't concentrate on her job with their personal problems up in the air. Roland told Joan he wanted to be a father and with her promotion she couldn't focus on a family right now. Joan said that it was a great opportunity for her and that he was being unfair. Roland said he knew it was a great opportunity and he wanted her to take it. Joan then said "this is not a separation, it's a divorce" and took off her ring, threw it on the bed and left the room.

The next morning Roxy and Trevor were on the porch having coffee. Trevor apologized to Roxy taking for granted that she knew how he felt about the army. He said that all decisions needed to be made together. Roxy asked if that meant one day they would be out of the army and Trevor said we'll see but whatever the future held he wanted his future to be with her. He then told her that when he was deployed those were the moments he would remember. Sitting on the step together was going to be what he would be thinking about.

Claudia Joy and Michael were having breakfast when Emma came in to tell them that Amanda was not in her room and that her makeup and toothbrush were gone. Claudia Joy grabbed the phone to start calling Amanda's friends and Michael said he was phoning Fort Benning. If Amanda was going to see Jeremy he wanted to know about it. Michael then asked Emma to keep this quiet and to not tell anyone Amanda was gone. This part confuses me. Isn't Jeremy still in basic? If so he wouldn't be allowed visitation and even if he was it wouldn't be as much as Amanda seems to be visiting him. Later on at his office Michael asked Joan about the airfield incident. She said there was a mistake but she fixed it up and she was ready to commit to the job if he offered it to her. Michael shook her hand and said welcome aboard. Joan was now officially the executive office to soon to be General Holden. Back at the Holden house Claudia Joy confided to Denise, who was helping her with the party's seating plan, that Amanda left to see Jeremy. (Michael had received a phone call from Benning when Amanda arrived) She said it was such a tough time to have to deal with this. She then told Denise what Lenore said about trusting people when you're at "the top". Denise reassured Denise that she could trust them because they were friends before she was the commander's wife.

The episode ended with Roland making a telephone call to Dr. Samuels in Chicago. He asked if the job offer in Chicago was still being offered to him. They arranged a meeting for later on in the week at Northwestern. Roland said a job at Northwestern in Chicago was just what he was looking for.

So many questions up in the air and only one episode left! It looks as though Roland and Joan are over, especially if Roland moves away. Are Trevor and Frank going to deploy in the season finale? Are we going to see Lenore again? What about the party at the Hump Bar and the man in ACU's walking in with a bomb strapped to his body, trigger in hand? What is that all about? All I can say for sure is that it definitely is a must see episode! Don't miss it!

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