Arrange Pictures on a Wall

"I love that lots-of-pictures-clumped-together-on-one-wall look, but I don't know how to arrange them so it looks like they do it in the Pottery Barn catalog. Can you tell me how to get started?" -- iVillager Semmons


Here are some guidelines for putting up picture frames on the wall as a collection:

  • Try to stick with frames with the same finishes or color. That will help unify the gallery of photos you want to put on your wall. You can also use frames of different colors and finishes, just make sure they all have similar widths.
  • Another way to make your photos really seem organized and uncluttered is to use the same size mat for all pictures and artwork. We love using a 4” white mat. It makes everything look so crisp and clean.
  • Don’t hang pictures too high. That is the number one mistake interior designers say most people make. Pictures should be hung at eye level. That usually means about five feet high from the floor to the center of the picture being hung. Pick a favorite frame and make that the center of your picture arrangement. Hang your other photographs around the center to finish off the look.
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