An Authentic Aphrodisiac

Dear Dr. Patti:

I read about taking green oats as a sexual stimulant. Is this true? Does this really work? How can I get some? What can I expect from this?
--from iVillager H


Dear H,

Yes, there is a newly formulated product, called Vigorex Forte (for men) and Vigorex Femme (for women) that is made from the extract of green oats. Another similar product is due out soon, called "Erogenex," which I personally promote on the air. Do you recall that horses sometimes romp around, "feeling their oats?" Well, join the stampede!!

This is a purely natural (homeopathic) compound that apparently is having dramatic effects on both men and women. It releases the body's own testosterone into the bloodstream, creating tangible sexual effects: Men are reporting that it enhances or restores erectile function, increases sex drive and heightens sensitivity during the sex act. The women who reported success claimed to have a huge surge in sexual desire, heightened physical sensations, and vast amounts of vaginal lubrication during arousal and lovemaking.

Caveat emptor, however . . . Be wary of other products that make similar claims; to my knowledge there are many rip-offs on the market and vast numbers of bogus Web sites promoting green oats-based pills and capsules that are not the "real McCoy." I have been working with this project since 1989, both as a research subject and scientist, and know it really does what it says. We will feature this product soon in our Sex Clinic store, so check it out. Having access to an authentic aphrodisiac and effective sexual stimulant could revolutionize how women feel about sex--and make their partners very happy, too.

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