Baby High in Pelvis as Due Date Nears

Our baby is due very soon, and the doctor said that the baby is still at -2. We will be doing a biophysical profile three days after the due date. We believe the pregnancy is dated correctly. We are walking three to four miles a day and having sex. We have not tried any method of "natural" induction. What are the odds that I will not go into labor naturally by the 42nd week? This is the doctor's cutoff before we need to induce.


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It would be very unlikely that labor will not begin by the 42nd week. And it is wise management to intervene at that point if labor has not begun and the dates are good. Postmaturity brings risks of stillbirth due to the deterioration of uteroplacental circulation.

If her cycles were of normal length (not 35-42 days, because that would mean she was due later), biophysical profiles usually begin at about 41+ weeks, so it seems as if your obstetrician is a bit jumpy about this pregnancy. He or she might be that way about all pregnancies, or this could be due to a past experience or to something in your history. For example, if a couple has a long history of infertility or miscarriage or if they are older or have some health concern, induction and intervention are usually more aggressive.

The fact that the head is -2 station with a first baby is a bit unusual. This might mean that some of the mother's pelvic bones are smaller than usual or it may mean that she is not yet due. It would be ideal to settle into labor with the head at 0 station and the cervix soft, effaced and even one or two centimeters dilated. (Probably a fantasy for most.)

I agree with your hesitation to try anything a bit more aggressive at home with the head so high. The baby is at a slightly higher risk of prolapsed cord with the head above the mid plane of the pelvis, so it would be best not to risk rupture of the membranes.

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