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I am so happy I can ask you this -- after 7 weeks -- this was 4 mos. ago.

When I lost the baby a large sac of some sort came out and then I had a lot of pieces of what looks like dark bloody material. Anyway, on my 1st period after the miscarriage I had more of the same. The 2nd period I had a large mass come out (with a little gray matter I saw this in the first miscarriage). I was wondering if I could've miscarried again (we didn't try that month but maybe there was a slip). Now I just finished my 3rd period and I still have clumps of material coming out. When I push more comes... I really tried this month and maybe I miscarried again. Is it possible have discharge for 3 periods after the loss (I didn't have a D&C).

Also, does having any of this inside of you deter pregnancy.

Thanks for your help it's so great to have you to write to. I want to get pregnant so much!!!


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Dear Lisa,

I'm so sorry for all of your trouble; sometimes women feel that their bodies are betraying them or at the very least confusing them. It is important for you to have much emotional support as well as medical attention at a time like this.

Although it is possible to miscarry in this way and with this frequency, it is rather unlikely. I can give some guesses as to what this material was but the best thing to do is to seek out a sensitive and experienced provider. This tissue needs to be analyzed by a pathologist. They can tell exactly what the specimen is.

The "sac" could well have been the early amniotic sac. "Grey" material is generally the "tissue" part (the embryonic portion) of the miscarriage. "Debris" or small dark coffee ground material is usually the decidual tissue (placental or endometrial) and the large shiny red pieces are mostly likely blood clots. If the pieces are homogeneous and break apart easily, they are clots; if they resist breaking down, they are probably tissue.

It is also unlikely for you to carry products of the same earlier conception through 3 cycles. These usually pass with the miscarriage or the next period.

My guess would be that there is some hormonal imbalance that causes the lining of your uterus to grow abnormally thick and, without sufficient progesterone support, sheds unpredictably or in shreds. This could also be the cause of infertility as progesterone is necessary to keep the pregnancy intact.

If you pass anymore clots or tissue or anything you feel is abnormal, I would save it and take it to your provider for analysis. You should consider seeking out the services of an infertility specialist as well.

I wish you much success next time and we will be thinking about you.

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