Baby is three months: Too young to start solid foods?

Our son is three months old and weighs 14 pounds. He nurses but I'd like to start him on cereal. Is he too young?


Sue Gilbert

Sue Gilbert works as a consulting nutritionist. For many years she worked with Earth's Best Organic Baby Food, integrating nutrition and... Read more

There is no need to add cereal yet. Your milk is the most perfect form of nutrition and to add cereal would be replacing what is best for him with something he does not yet need.

Size and weight gain is less important than developmental maturation. He needs to be able to move solids from the front of his mouth to the back. This development usually coincides with the ability to sit up unassisted. It is also important that he be able to turn his head away from a spoon to indicate that he is full and thus avoid overfeeding.

Wait until he is at least four to six months old. Then you can be more certain he has the necessary swallowing ability and also a more mature digestive system.

Enjoy babyhood for now before heading into the constant change stage of transition feeding.

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