The Bachelor Finale Recap: Bevin or Tessa?

Last week, Tessa started a rumor that she was Andy's choice on The Bachelor and that he proposed, but she declined. On The Bachelor finale, we find out what really happens. Was Tessa telling the truth? Or did the naval officer choose Bevin? Read on to see which woman won her officer and gentleman... Like all Bachelor finales, Andy brings his top two girls home to meet his family in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. From the house alone, it's easy to see where Andy gets his traditional upbringing from. And when it comes to his mother -- she really does know best. Before meeting either of the women, she tells the camera that she has known for about two years that Andy has been ready to settle down and get married. Andy reveals that he hasn't been to his hometown in two years and hasn't brought a woman home to meet his family in eight. As my boyfriend said, that has to be such a weird thing for all the families involved in these reality shows.

First up? Lunch with Tessa
When Tessa arrives for lunch and meets his parents, grandparents and sister, his mother likes her right of the bat, saying she's "bright, poised, very natural and real. I was drawn to her right away." Even Andy's grandfather -- who totally reminds me of the quintessential grandpa -- called her a "viable candidate." But at lunch, he pulls out the big guns, asking Tessa what religion she is. Andy's mom changes the subject quickly -- wanting to know where Tessa sees her life in five years.

Tessa thought this was the toughest question his family asker her because she couldn't say with certainty that she saw herself married to Andy. C'mon, Tess, this kind of like a job interview -- just tell 'em what you know you should and want to in your heart!

Sister Talk
Andy's sister, Suzy, says she loves Tessa as well, but Andy expresses his concern about Tessa's previous reservations to stay on the show, open up, etc. He gives Suzy the go-ahead to ask Tessa whether those reservations were about him or about the show. Without hesitation, Tessa says her reservations are 100-percent gone, and the only thing that kept her on the show before was that when she did get to spend time with Andy, she didn't want to be anywhere else. Suzy think she's being sincere. My opinion? Tess seems completely at home with Andy's family, and I can imagine her sharing Christmases, birthdays, etc... with them.

Next, Bevin Comes to Dinner
Bevin shows up to meet Andy's parents with flowers in hand (brownie points anyone?). Bevin says meeting Andy's family is ten times harder than having him meet her family. She manages to raise Andy's grandfather's eyebrows and maker his mother blush within minutes of meeting them. When they ask what she does, she tells them about a project she's working on that is centered around libido in women after menopause. While I definitely don't think she shouldn't talk about what she does -- it's actually very cool and I had no idea she was getting her Masters -- I can see how that might make Andy's family a little uncomfy.

After sitting down to dinner and saying grace, Andy tells Bevin that his parents have been married for 36 years and his grandparents for 60... does anyone else see how Bevin's old divorce could be a problem? Anyhow, when Andy's grandfather tells Bevin that his wife said she would go anywhere with him when they got married, Bevin didn't seem sure that she would be willing to leave the country with Andy. "That could be fun," she says kind of spacily.

Then Grandpa asks the religion question again. Although he seemed content with Tessa's Catholic upbringing, no one at the table seems to quite know how to respond to Bevin's Baha'i faith. Bevin worries that Andy's family will think she is waaay too liberal. I'm not sure if that's why, but her dinner with the parents doesn't seem to go as well as Tessa's lunch.

When Bevin leaves the room, Andy's mom asks him if the electricity he says he feels with Bevin is just the newness. Choosing his words carefully, Andy tells her that the attraction he has to Bevin is not so much something he feels with Tessa. Saying what only a mother could say, Andy's mom says she hears her son trying to justify to his family why he likes Bevin. Ouch.

Andy has a heart-to-heart with his father while the rest of the family grills Bevin. Her conversation isn't nearly as intimate as the one the family had with Tessa, but Andy's mom still had some nice things to say about her, including her "gratefulness, her beautiful eyes, her laughter and her affection toward Andy." And even Andy's grandfather picks up on the way Bevin electrifies his grandson.

The Family Post-Mortem
After Bevin leaves, Andy asks his family who they think is better for him. His mom offers the best insight. She tells him that she thinks he's more connected to Bevin and thinks that's because he is confident in the way Bevin feels about him. "As mom," she says, "I want to see you with someone who is nuts about you. And I could see that she's crazy about you. That is priceless and totally necessary. There's nothing wrong with having somebody be crazy for you right off the bat without having to struggle for it."

But Andy's grandfather chimes in with his own views on why Andy is having such a hard time making a decision. "He's turned on by Bevin," he says. And Andy agrees. But Grandpa wants to know if that's everything -- if that's enough. He tells Andy to imagine life in five or 10 years. Will Bevin's affection get to heavy? Will Tessa's grow? Andy says it would be easier to project if he knew Tessa was truly committed.

In the end, Andy's family tells him he can't really make a wrong decision and that they don't have any major faults with either of the woman. Still, it seemed to me that Andy's mom, dad and grandmother were on team Bevin, while his sister and grandpa were rooting for Tessa.

Andy and Bev's Final Date
Andy takes Bevin on a helicopter ride, and surprisingly, she's terrified of flying. I wouldn't have guessed that about Bevin, but it makes her answer to leaving the country more understandable. She ended up having a blast and felt completely safe with Andy. Seriously, is there anything Andy can't do?

Later, he sits down with Bevin and asks her the tough questions. He wants to know -- for real -- if she could see herself living in Hawaii and being a family with him. She says thinks so -- that it's hard for her to say for sure because she doesn't know how Andy really feels about her. But in the end, she admits that being with Andy is what she wants. Well played, Bevin, well played.

Bevin's Pick-Me Speech
"I can see us at so many different points in our life, and I'm not scared to think about that, and I think it would really work." She writes him a card saying time stands still when she's with him. Then, she drops the L-bomb, saying, "Lt. Andrew James Baldwin, I love you. I love you. I can see an amazing future, and I hope you can see that, too." Andy says he loves her back!! Aww, I can't help but like her more now -- maybe even more than Tessa. I'm torn!

Andy and Tessa's Final Date
Horseback riding on the beach, a sunset swim with a shirtless Andy... Tessa is one lucky lady. And man do those producers know how to set up some seriously romantic dates. She says she knows this is make-or-break time and that she knows she needs to tell Andy how she feels about him.

Tessa Puts Everything on the Line
Tessa, too, has a present for Andy. She might have trouble verbalizing her emotions, but she doesn't seem to have any problems writing down how she feels. In her card to Andy, she says he's the best thing to have happened to her and that he makes her feel like the person she always thought she could be. "I don't want to continue this journey without you," she writes. "I don't want to go back to the life I was living before I met you. I believe we are meant to be together, and I hope you feel the same way, too." She told him she loved him and gave him a photo collage of their time together.

The Last Rose
Right before the last rose ceremony of the season, 67% of TV Cocktail voters thought Andy should choose Tessa. And up until this finale, I was 100-percent on team Tessa. But Bevin got to me, and I finally understood what Andy saw in her. But you guys were right. Andy chose Tessa.

Before he ever said the words that he wasn't picking Bevin, she knew. Both of them were tears, and I really felt for them. If nothing else, Andy has always seemed sincere, and even when he was breaking up with Bevin, it all seemed very real. For once, I think Bevin's tears were completely understandable. How much you want to bet Andy will be imagining her in that red dress for a long time to come.

After drying his eyes, Andy went down to wait for Tessa. He tells her she's everything he has been looking for -- she's elegant, up for anything... He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. And she says yes! So, she only ruined half the surprise. At the end, of course, Andy asks Tessa to accept the final rose.

And they live happily ever after (we hope!). The END.

So, what do you think? Did Andy make the right decision? Why do you think he chose Tessa? Will they be the next Trista and Ryan? Or will they fizzle as fast as Lorenzo and Jen?

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