The Bachelor Recap: April 23

Was Bevin able to continue despite her sprained ankle? And what exotic place did Andy take the girls? Most importantly, which three girls were eliminated. Find out in our Bachelor recap:

The girls are informed this week's round of dates will not be held in L.A. but instead in Lake Tahoe. And the best part? Andy is taking them in a private jet. Damn. I want one of those!

On the plane, Bevin whines about not being to do anything active and worries that Andy will have more fun with the other girls. I guess I can't really blame her. I'd probably feel the same way. Then again, she has that whole "damsal-in-distress" card to play.

The girls are told there will be two group dates and one individual date this week.

Group Date 1

The Girls: Nicole, Stephanie KC, Danielle and Bevin
The Date: A night of gambling

When the date box first arrives, Bevin bursts into tears and whines again about her ankle and how "even the simplest thing" is hard to do. The rest of the girls helped her out with doing her makeup, steaming her dress, etc. Suckers. She could've done it by herself.

When the girls go down to meet Andy, Bevin bursts into tears -- again. Surprisingly, Andy seems to be eating it up and takes her off to the side to comfort her. Seriously, the girl needs to stop crying. Andy obviously likes her, and it's not like he's going to cut the girl with the sprained ankle because then he'd be the guy who cut the girl with the sprained ankle.

Off to the casino they go for a game of craps. Stephanie KC doesn't seem to be having a good time, and Andy steals her away to see what was up. She spills her guts about being a control freak -- probably not the smartest move. Then again, Andy said he liked seeing her vulnerability. Man, this poor guy -- two crying girls on one date -- yikes. And all he wanted to do was gamble! Props to Nicole for not getting all teary-eyed.

At the roulette table, Andy chose Bevin to spend his special quality time with. Geez, enough already! They go up to Andy's hotel suite, and Andy tells Bev about his dream to be an astronaut. Making out ensues. At one point, Andy even asks her where she wants to be in a year. "If I'm in Hawaii, where will you be?" he says. Without missing a beat, she tells him she'll be in Hawaii, too. Well, it's not like Hawaii is such a hard sell! As they head back down to the group, Andy tells Bevin that she's his sanctuary. Sappy! (Okay, but kind of romantic).

Group Date 2
The Girls: Tessa, Stephanie SC, Tina, Kate
The Date: A day of skiing

Of course there is that one girl who doesn't know how to hit the slopes. Kate keeps no secret about her displeasure for the day's activities. Tessa is the best one of the bunch and even lets Andy ride on the back of her skis. She has a heart-to-heart with Andy about how worried she is about the tension of the competition. He pleads with her to stick with it.

Stephanie SC is a bitch, yet again. It's her birthday, and she takes the liberty of telling the camera that she won't hesitate to throw another girl under the bus, so to speak. Ugh, who says that? I really don't like her. Ironically, she tries to "warn" Andy about girls in the house who are too young, too immature and only like to be the center of attention.

HAHAHA. When it comes to being the center of attention, she's the worst of the bunch!

Andy asks Kate to go on a gondola ride with him. In the gondola, Kate tries to shed more light on the intensity of the drama with the girls in the house. She goes crazy calling Stephanie SC out on her fakeness, saying she's molded herself into what she thinks Andy wants her to be.

When Andy chooses Tina to spend his QT with, Stephanie SC is pissed because it's her birthday, and she thought Andy would pick her. This girl has. got. to. go.

I, however, wasn't surprised when Andy chose Tina. I had almost forgot she was even on the group date. Andy tells her he likes that she's not in this to play games. After the last two dates he's had, I can only imagine how refreshing that must be for him. During her one-on-one time, Tina really opened up to Andy and asked him whether he was high-maintenance. He makes a joke about his couple-thousand-dollar Jeep and says he's about as low-maintenance as they come. Tina jokes that she's probably too low-maintenance. Low-maintenance or not, her cute ski bunny look and drama-free chatter made me like her. Noticeably, though, they don't kiss. That's never a good sign.

Amber's Individual Date
Amber and Andy go to a cozy cabin, complete with fireplace. Andy tells her about his day of crazy drama-filled convos and point-blank asks her about her real intentions. She tells him that he'll just have to trust her. I'm not sure how much I believed her, but Andy didn't so much care when they headed up to the hot tub. Dude is such a horn dog! He gave her a rose, and they made-out.

Before the rose ceremony, sheer drama breaks out amongst the girls. Kate apologizes to Andy for telling his so much about the other girls, even using the phrase "word vomit." Directly after her apology, she starts going off to the other girls about Stephanie SC's stripper-wear dress. I agree: Steph's dress was beyond inappropriately slutty. When you can see more boob than not, that's a problem.

But my agreement with Kate ended there. She then took it upon herself to tell Amber that Tina told her that she heard Andy and Amber had almost had sex the night before. Kate is definitely a sh*t disturber. If I was Amber I would've shook my already-won rose in her face. And really, of all girls, I can't imagine Tina saying that.

Tessa tried to tell Andy that she didn't think she was as sure of her feelings for him as she thought some of the other girls were. Andy goes out of his way to make sure she's comfortable staying. I really like Tessa, but she needs to let her guard down and be open to really liking Andy a little more. He clearly cares for her.

The Rose Ceremony
Tessa gets the first rose, which was a nice touch after she pretty much told Andy that if he already knew who he wanted, he shouldn't string her along. In the end, Kate, Nicole and Stephanie SC were sent home. Serves Stephanie SC and her "I'm 90% sure I'm getting a rose tonight" right.

Were you shocked to see Stephanie SC go? Do you think Bevin milked her injury too much? Who is your favorite at this point?

I think Bevin is the front-runner this week. Do you agree? Talk back!

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