Bachelorette Party Games

13 fun activities the bride and bridesmaids will love

Like shower games, bachelorette party games provide a great forum for guests to interact (with each other and with the outside world). Whether you're staying in or going out, there are plenty of fun bachelorette party games you can play to commemorate the occasion with true style and lots of laughs. Below are 13 bachelorette party games from The Everything Bridesmaid Book, ranging from the subdued to the downright spicy.

Fun Games for Home

If you're staying in for the night, these games will provide some fun (and sometimes goofy) diversions.

Pin the "Tail" on the Man

A variation of the classic game, except this time the tail's in front. For even more fun and frivolity (and if the bride won't object) blow up a picture of the groom (clothed, of course) and use him as the target in question. Or, paste a picture of his face over the model's.

First Kiss

This is a fun girls-only game for relatively small groups of under ten. Each guest first tells her first-kiss story (presumably from her younger days), followed by her first-kiss story with her current man. The guests then vote on the best first-kiss story from each category. Have bachelorette-themed prizes on hand for the winners.

How Well Does the Bride Know the Groom?

Before the bachelorette party, have one of the bridesmaids go on a fact-finding mission to get info from the groom. Questions she asks may range from the innocent (What was your first dog's name? What is your worst pet peeve?) to the relatively risque (What's your favorite body part? What's your wildest time with the bride?). At the bachelorette party, the bride is asked to guess the groom's answers to each question. By the end of the quiz, it will become apparent how well the bride really knows her groom.

I Never

This game can be played with or without drinking. Guests sit together in a circle. Each guest goes in turn, with a declaration of something she's never done. For example, the first guest might say, "I've never kissed two guys in one night." Any guest who actually has done this must confess by taking a sip of her drink (or throwing in a poker chip, or a penny, or any alternate token).

The play then proceeds to the right, with the next guest giving a new "I never." This game tends to get racier as it goes on, and it's amazing to find what your friends will confess to, especially after a few drinks.

Games for the Outside World

If you're out on the town, these games will help your group make many new friends or -- at the very least -- provide the bride with a little extra attention.

Suck for a Buck

There are plenty of premade kits for this type of activity, but you can also fashion your own. This "game" involves giving the bride a special T-shirt with Lifesavers or other hard candies attached to it -- either with safety pins, sewn on, or stuck on with a swipe of water (the more strategic the candy placement, the more titillating the game).

Then, when she is out and about, she (or her friends and bridesmaids) offers passersby the opportunity to take a "suck for a buck." This also works with a candy necklace, if the bride wishes to wear her own outfit. Definitely an ice-breaker with the bar crowd.

Very Daring

At the start of the night, present the bride with a list of dares that she must complete by the evening's end. These dares might include tasks that range from the relatively easy to the increasingly difficult.

For example, the first task might be telling the group about her first date with her fiance; while the tenth dare might involve getting a pair of man's boxers by the night's end. Other dares might include standing on a chair in a public place and announcing "I'm getting married" five times; doing suggestive shots, like the famous "sex on the beach"; or getting the business cards of ten single guys.

Scavenger Hunt

This is a great game for bachelorette parties that are both in and out of the house. For the scavenger hunt, guests are broken up into teams. Each team is given a list of items they need to return to the party with, in a determined amount of time (an hour or two is best). Each item is assigned a point value, with difficult items being awarded a higher score. Items should definitely be bachelorette party related or related to your childhood/adolescence (sentimental value).

The following are some examples in each point category:

1 Point

  • A temporary tattoo (applied to one of the team members, of course)
  • A condom
  • An X-rated magazine
  • A fortune cookie
  • A copy of the bridal registry

5 points

  • A pair of handcuffs
  • A poker chip from a casino
  • A cigar
  • A deck of naked-man playing cards
  • An X-rated video
  • A bridal veil

10 points

  • An old rotary phone
  • A pair of the groom's underwear
  • An eight-track tape
  • A pair of leg warmers
  • A red lace garter belt

20 points

  • Seahorses
  • A Viagra pill
  • A vibrator
  • An original Merlin or Simon game

50 points

  • A male stripper

Paying Your Props

The bachelorette party would not be complete without the props geared toward the single gal's last hurrah. And there are plenty of them. In the last ten years, an entire bachelorette party industry has sprung up to meet every girl's need for penis straws, naked-man playing cards, and much, much more.

They're much easier to come by now, too. Although many of the items previously required a trip to the (sometimes) seedy "adult" store in town, today's bachelorette items are more readily available. Find them in novelty stores such as Spencer gifts, party supply stores, and easiest of all on the Internet, in online venues like

And while they are ultimately sillier than they are salacious (kind of like male strippers), that's precisely why they're so much fun. Consider incorporating some of the following into your bachelorette bash:

  • Penis pinatas
  • Willy Whack-It Pinatas -- a variation of the plain penis pinata
  • Suck for a Buck T-shirt and Candy Kit -- everything you need to make the bride a T-shirt that offers passing barflies the opportunity to suck a candy -- off her shirt- - for a buck (put the proceeds toward blow-job shots)
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Pecker Toss Game -- a game of chance for home competition
  • Gummy Butts and Gummy Penises -- for the hungry crowd
  • X-Rated Fortune Cookies -- surprise your friends and family with what's inside
  • Penis-shaped Jell-O shot tray -- makes Jell-O shots even more exciting than usual!
  • Pecker earrings -- for the discriminating bachelorette fashionista
  • Bling-Bling 100-carat ring
  • Belly jewelry and body glitter -- for the subtler bachelorette
  • Pecker lantern -- lighting the way to the bathroom as you toss your bachelorette party cookies
  • X-rated karaoke microphone -- is it a penis or a microphone cover? Fool your friends!
  • Glow-in-the-dark blowup dolls -- perfect company for the bride, when her fiance doesn't make it home from his own bachelor party
  • Pink Nubby Cock Candles -- look out, Martha Stewart, this is real style
  • Pecker Party Lights -- the perfect decorative complement to Pink Nubby Cock Candles
  • Tantalizing toilet paper -- just try not to get aroused by the naked stick figures pictured here!

So what should you do with all these props? Perhaps you'd like to make your dinner for seven a dinner for eight, with your blowup doll in tow; maybe the bride can show off her Bling-Bling ring to inquiring parties at the bars. The gummy butts, gummy penises, and cock candles are the perfect accents to your house party. Get creative. Show off your props with pride.

Now That's Entertainment!

There's one more important prop you may wish to include in your bachelorette party celebration -- the stripper. Should every bachelorette party include one? And how do you find him?

Good Idea?

Again, the bride will probably have a pretty definite opinion about whether or not she'd wel-come a male stripper. Obviously, you might want his arrival to be a surprise, so you may wish to do some sleuthing to determine if the bride would approve or not. Try this method: Tell her a story about a bachelorette party you recently attended that featured a stripper (make up the story if you need to).

If she's against the idea of strippers, she'll probably seize the opportunity to let you know. "How gross" or "That's tacky" are pretty certain signifiers that she's against it. However, if her reaction is "How fun," or "Was he hot?" it may indicate she's open to the idea. Obviously, besides the bride's wishes you'll also need to factor in the guest list when considering a stripper; if it's a large party with inlaws and older generations in attendance, a stripper may not be the best idea.

But if you do want to hire a stripper, what should you expect?

How Do I Find Him?

The thought of hiring a stripper may fill you with some trepidation. Will you have to go to some seedy strip club to point and pick? Or worse, will you call, give your credit card number, and then wait in vain for someone from the "agency" to show up, only to find later you've been charged double -- for nothing?

Luckily, hiring your man is as easy as flipping through the Yellow Pages.

While "strippers" will probably not yield the results you're looking for (too obvious for the phone book people, perhaps), "Entertainment" or "Entertainers" will. Most likely, there will be large display ads as well as the regular listings -- hey, this is big business. You're bound to find at least a few appropriate listings right away.

Be sure to treat your stripper with respect. He is simply making a living, and while he may seem as if he's got unflappable confidence when he's standing before you like a modern-day Adonis, that's no reason to insult him or question his choice of occupation.

To avoid being put into any compromising position (no pun intended), be sure to ask the following questions when hiring your guy:

  • What will this service cost? Is there one flat rate, or can you order extras a la carte?
  • How long will the performance be? (That's minutes, not inches.)
  • Will an encore cost more?
  • What forms of payment are accepted, and when do you have to pay? (Some services will ask for half in advance, and the other half upon completion of services.)
  • Can you see your guy in advance? Is there a video of him, or a place where you can take a sneak peak at his performing style?
  • Can he wear something specific? Perhaps you want to goof on the bachelorette by ordering a dancer in doctor garb (her current fiance's occupation), or in fireman's garb (like her last beau).
  • What if he doesn't show up? Are you entitled to some sort of refund, and/or is there a backup to take his place?
  • What, exactly, will he do? Take it all off, strip down to a G-string, what? You should probably be (at least mentally) prepared if he's going to strip down completely.

Of course, you can skip all the sleuthing by bringing the horse to water, so to speak, and visiting a strip club yourselves. If there's one in your town or a nearby destination, going to a strip club will be an event you won't soon forget. Full of whooping, laughing women, the male strip club resembles a comedy club more than a seedy or sexy strip club -- aside, of course, from the unclad men.

If you plan to take your bachelorette party to the club instead of ordering "takeout," call the club ahead of time to see if there are any group rates or special rooms your party can take advantage of. Then the bride can pick her favorite from a wide variety of onstage hotties.

You're sure to have a blast creating a night that the bride will not soon forget.

Excerpted from The Everything Bridesmaid Book by Jennifer Lata Rung. © 2004 F+W Publications, Inc. Used by permission of Adams Media.

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