Bad complexion since breastfeeding

I have a four-month-old daughter and since I started breastfeeding my complexion has taken a turn for the worse. The skin on my face feels like sandpaper. I eat very well and drink lots of water. I don't know what else to do to help my skin. I stay out of the sun and don't wear makeup. Do you have any suggestions?


Debbi Donovan

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It is not uncommon to experience changes in your skin and hair after giving birth. It is doubtful that this change has anything specifically to do with breastfeeding.

Keep drinking lots of water. Make it a habit to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day. Many of us just don't drink enough. Even slight dehydration can leave you feeling fatigued, and may very well affect your complexion.

Regular exercise is important. Moderate aerobic exercise, such as walking, will increase your blood flow, resulting in a glowing complexion.

Eat well. It's great that you are already eating well. Skimping on nutrients may not be affecting the quality of your milk, but it can take a toll on a new mother.

Be careful out in the sun. Use a sunscreen or a makeup with a SPF of at least 15. You mentioned that you don't currently use make up. A foundation that is applied over clean and moisturized skin can actually help to protect your face from the elements and will even out your skin tones. This helps you look better as you're working on your complexion from the inside out.

Exfoliate. Choose a gentle exfoliating cleaner to help remove dead skin cells. Use once or twice a week to help bring back the glow to your skin.

Moisturize. You might want to try using a moisturizer containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Apply this moisturizer each day to help remove the layer of old, dead skin cells, which can improve you skin's texture.

Very best wishes in mothering, and a quick return to a glowing complexion!

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