Barbie's Limitless Credit Card

Mattel's new aptly named Fashion Fever Boutique Playset lets girls go shopping for Barbie clothes with the Fashion Fever debit card. When the balance on the card reaches $0, the card automatically resets so young shoppers can continue to "buy." The enamored girl in the commercial says it all when she exclaims, "I love shopping. You never run out of money!" There's nothing wrong with a bit of fantasy in your child's play, but does Barbie's Boutique go too far?

Barbie doesn't think so. According to Mattel representative, Lauren Dougherty, "The playset is not a learning toy; it's a fun toy for girls interested in fashion." What do you think? Are people making too big a deal about this harmless toy? Would you buy this playset for your daughter? Weigh in and check out tips to make sure your child doesn't grow up thinking that credit and debit cards mean free money.

The Daily Mom shares her views on Barbie's debit card >>


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