BBT Charting: How Can It Help You Conceive?

I have just started fertility charting this month. If basal body temperature (BBT) only identifies that my body has ovulated, how can that help me as I try to get pregnant? It seems after-the-fact.


You are absolutely right. Charting temperatures will only tell you when ovulation has already occurred.

Since an egg can only live about 12 to 24 hours, by the time your temperatures rise about a day or two after ovulation, the egg will already be gone. So when charting your fertility signs in order to time intercourse, it is most useful to chart your cervical fluid to determine when you are in your most fertile phase.

Why even bother charting your temperature when trying to conceive, then? There are two critical reasons:

1. To determine if you are ovulating

2. To determine if the second phase of your cycle, following ovulation
-- the luteal phase -- is long enough to sustain a pregnancy following fertilization. (It should be at least 10 days from ovulation to your period.)

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