The Best Body Image Words Coined in 2010

"Montaggian," "unbeweavable," "postpartum oppression," and more

The annual Global Language Monitor survey recently released the top 10 new words of 2010. Among them: "Spillcam," "Vuvuzela," and "Refudiate."  While it’s great that we’ve developed more creative ways to describe rabid futbol fans and make fun of Sarah Palin, we think the GLM left out a load of other goodies. Without further ado, we present NeverSayDiet’s Top New Words of 2010:

Montaggian (adj) mahn-TAGG-ee-uhn  Used to describe an excessive amount of plastic surgery, typically undertaken in a rash manner in an effort to soothe overwhelming emotions. Example: “My mom had a total midlife freakout and went all Montaggian on us, getting a facelift, chemical peel and upper arm lipo in one day.” See also: Mini Montag (n) minn-ee MAHN-tag “NeNe Leakes  pulled a Mini Montag with her nose job, breast lift and liposuction." 

Postpartum oppression (n) POST-parr-dumm oh-PRESH-uhn  The sense of shame and failure incurred by new moms when they don’t immediately shed their baby weight. Example: “Bethenny Frankel may be my favorite reality star, but she still gave me a major case of postpartum oppression.”

Social Uploading (v) SO-shuhl up-LOAD-ing The act of selectively revealing only your most flattering photos on Facebook or internet dating sites, thereby leading others to believe you are far more attractive, thin, or cool than you actually are. Example: “Did you see Dave’s vacation pics on Facebook, where he was surrounded by strippers and bottles of champagne? Gross. He’s such a social uploader.”

Unbeweavable (adj) un-bee-WEAVE-uh-buhl  Used to describe hair packed so full of extensions and weaves, it doesn’t even look real. Example: “Who does Lindsay Lohan think she’s fooling with that mop of blonde hair? It’s totally unbeweavable.”

Identitty (n) eye-DENN-tih-tee The sense of confidence a woman derives from the size of her breasts. Example: “I don’t let my little girl look at fashion magazines because I don’t want her developing a negative identitty.”

Follicular manslaughter (v) fuh-LICK-you-luhr man-SLAW-terr The inevitable process of damaging your hair via over-bleaching or gluing/sewing in extensions. Example: “US Weekly captured Britney’s follicular manslaughter in a unflattering photo.”

Nicoteeny (adj) nick-oh-TEE-nee A slim body type achieved by smoking. Example: “Sure, Katy’s got a nicoteeny body and can fit into a size 4 pair of Rock N Republics, but I bet her lungs look like the BP oil spill.”

Botax (n) BO-tax The loss of income which results when an actress overdoes it with injectables, reducing her acting range and therefore making her less appealing to audiences.  Example: Nicole Kidman’s latest flick incurred a huge Botax and then bombed at the box office.

Learned a strange new word this year? We want to hear it! Chime in below!

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