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The Best Day of the Week to Shop for Groceries Is...

If you do your shopping on the weekends, you might want to reconsider your strategy

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Wednesday is the best day to grocery shop
Late evening and overnight hours are the least crowded times at stores
New sales launch on Wednesday, but previous week’s deals are still valid

We’ve all been there: Trying to tackle our grocery shopping on a Sunday, when stores are mobbed and shelves are feebly stocked. Sure, that may be a convenient day off from work to handle chores -- but it also happens to feel like a lousy time to approach the task when you can’t even find a space in the parking lot or an empty shopping cart with four working wheels.

So what’s the best day to shop for groceries? If you can swing it, Lifehacker suggests you try Wednesday nights. Grocery stores tend to release their new sale advertisements that day, while also honoring advertised sales from the previous week. Further, mid-week is when stores often restock items like produce and meat.

The New York Daily News suggests Wednesday is also the least-crowded time to shop -- and that almost no one (just 4 percent of us) is shopping between the hours of 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. So you can have a little elbow room if you do your weekly shopping during off hours.

To score price reductions on perishables, recommends shopping in the evening, or go a few hours prior to closing, suggests CBS News.

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Don’t shop when you’re tired.

You already know that shopping when you’re hungry is a bad idea, but sleep-deprived grocery shopping may also contribute to unhealthy eating because it messes with our self-control.

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Get the best deals on baked goods an hour before closing.

No, you won't be getting the freshest bread if you wait until the end of the day, but you will be getting the best deal about an hour before closing when things that can't be sold the next day are often marked down by about 50 percent.

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Look high and low on the shelves.

Look high and low on shelves to spot good value from smaller brands that can’t afford the best real estate, and be wary of specials, which make us buy 30 to 100 percent more.

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Grocery shop on Sundays to "stack" savings.

You might be able to save the most money if you do your grocery shopping on Sundays (even if the store is uncomfortably crowded) because you're most likely to be able to combine sale prices with manufacturers' coupons in a double-discount approach known as "stacking."

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Tuesday is the worst day to grocery shop.

Tuesday is the worst day to shop for groceries, according to the coupon and discount site, because stores are often out of stock of common items, and also because it’s a popular day of the week for shoppers to cook homemade meals.

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