Birthday Party Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Welcome to the Party Place! Get organized and inspired, and enjoy the shopping, the trends, the decorating, the baking (and the eating!) that comes with throwing the perfect birthday party. Click your way through creative concepts, dazzling dream cakes, funny stories, family photos and more—all designed to help every mom planning that first birthday party and all those that follow!
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Pick a Party

Choose a birthday party theme you know they'll love—and get coordinated menus, invitations, decorations and more.

Your Countdown-to-the- Party Checklist

Stay organized with this sanity-saving to-do list.

Party Pressure

How much is too much when it comes to kids' birthday parties?

The Extreme Parties Phenomenon NBC's Janet Shamlian reports

Going Overboard? Funny Mom Sherry Davey went to a spa party for a 6-year-old boy. They gave out terry-cloth robes as favors!

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