Biting: How can you stop your toddler from biting?

My 15-month-old granddaughter has just begun biting anyone who she sees as preventing her from getting her own way. Any suggestions?


It is not uncommon for a toddler to bite when she can't have her way. This is usually because she is too young to adequately express herself with words. She knows she's supposed to use her mouth, so this is the only other alternative! Generally, this behavior dies down as soon as a child can talk clearly enough to make her wants known.

Meanwhile, you need to stop the biting as much as possible -- not an easy task! Each time your granddaughter bites, you will need to tell her the rule "We do not bite!" in a strong tone of voice, and take away whatever it was that she wanted. If it was a toy, remove it. If she was in a sandbox, take her away. Even though she will probably cry a great deal, you should tell her, "There is no biting. You can't have (whatever it is) now because you were biting."

Sitting a child this young in time out will not work because she won't be able to make the connection between her action and the discipline. But taking away whatever she wanted while repeating the rule should make a difference.

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