Bleeding: Corpus Luteum Cysts

I have a large corpus luteum cyst and two other cysts I have had since the age of 14. Now that I am seven weeks pregnant and they are larger -- about an inch in diameter. Although minimal "spotting" at the beginning of pregnancy can be normal, mine continued for some time, with cramping. The doctor said there is nothing to worry about. Are these large cysts and the others at this stage of pregnancy normal? Can the cysts cause problems?


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This can be very frightening and confusing. The last thing a pregnant woman wants to see is blood. We can tell you that this is perfectly normal but, of course, all too often bleeding can herald a miscarriage.

However, bleeding can be normal, and the cysts can also co-exist with a pregnancy without causing any difficulty. I'm assuming that either ultrasound or biopsy has indicated that these cysts are functional tumors and no malignancy is involved.

Corpus luteum cysts might grow early in pregnancy, but usually decline in size during the late first or early second trimester. Some cysts do continue to grow but usually not to the extent that they endanger the pregnancy. So much depends upon their type and position.

As long as your baby grows appropriately and the bleeding eases off within the next few weeks I would feel confident that all will be fine.

Good luck with this stressful situation.

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