Bleeding gums when cutting baby's first tooth?

My 10 month old son is cutting his first tooth. There is a spot of blood on his gums. Is this normal? He has no fever or extreme pain. He acts like he has a headache but other than that all seems to be fine. Should I take him to see a dentist?


When the primary teeth erupt, a variety of local disturbances can occur. The gum overlying the erupting tooth can be slightly swollen. This swelling may be bluish in color, which is caused by bleeding into the overlying tissues. You may see a spot of blood which can occur as the tooth "cuts" through the gums. Excess salivation is often associated with teething. Flushing may also occur in the skin of the adjacent cheek. A rash around this area is sometimes noted.

Observe the area. If swelling is present and continues to increase, a visit to the dentist is advised. If your son is having discomfort associated with teething, Baby Anbesol may help. In addition, infants who are teething, like to bite hard objects. "Teething rings" or similar objects made from resilient and easily cleaned plastics work well to satisfy this need.

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