Boss Problems: How to Complain About Your Boss

I hate my boss. She really is unfair. How do I make a complaint about her?


Bear in mind that 90% of the time, if you take your boss on you will lose. The reason is companies rely on you to work as a team. The boss has been selected as a leader, so if you are not following the leader, it is you who is perceived as not being able to work with the team.

So if you have a personality conflict with the boss or a philosophical difference, it is better to look for another boss. Whatever you do, be sure to appear as team-oriented and cooperative as possible until you stop working for your boss.

That being said, there are times when a boss does not rule. In a case where the boss is doing something outright illegal or against company policy, a complaint may be effective.

Obvious illegal activity includes sexual harassment of you or anyone else, embezzlement of company time and/or money, discrimination and any other illegal or unethical conduct. The best way to complain is to look first in your company handbook and follow the procedures for complaint. Before you do this, make sure you will have credibility and evidence to complain because your underlying motivation against your boss will be investigated.

In some organizations, the boss will be removed if there are so many complaints that the boss is no longer an effective leader. That does not give you license to create mutiny. In fact, mutiny is exhausting and ineffective.

If the boss is extremely abusive, for instance, go to human resources after you have some corroboration and evidence of abuse. The more extreme and more abundant the evidence, the more likely the boss will be investigated and possibly removed. Again, in any investigation, your own motivation will be investigated.

So if you simply hate your boss's personality, it might just be easier to move to another job.

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