Breast inflammation

I am 22 weeks pregnant with my first child. On the inner right lower quadrant of my left breast, the skin is reddened and warm to touch. There is no swelling, rough skin or palpable nodules. The redness changes in intensity, darker at night and lighter in the morning. The right breast sometimes has the same symptom, but not as often or as much. My breasts are very heavy and I try to wear a good bra all the time except sleeping.


Peg Plumbo CNM

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Although this sounds like a benign inflammation of one of the lobes of the breast, I recommend that you let a surgeon check. There are some inflammatory changes in the breast which can be serious and warrant follow-up.

Especially with large breasts, the underwire or under seam of the bra may cause constriction of the ducts resulting in blockage and infection.

This resembles mastitis and should be evaluated by your care provider. You do not want scar tissue to form which might make breastfeeding uncomfortable.

Although they are hard to find anymore, I would recommend the advice of a good undergarment sales person. Have your bra "fit" to you. Some maternity stores may offer this service. Make sure there are no pressure points and that there are at least three hooks in back or front.

I hope this resolves, but I recommend that you see someone with this problem.

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