Breast tenderness: Normal when ovulating?

I went off the pill (Orth Novum 7/7/7) five months ago after 10 years of use. Two weeks ago as I started to ovulate, my breasts began to ache terribly for several days. They are still tender, especially on and around the nipple. My breasts usually hurt just before my period, but not so badly. Is it normal for a woman's breasts to hurt during ovulation, or is this a sign of early pregnancy?


It is very normal for a woman to experience breast tenderness with ovulation. Some breast enlargement and nodularity also appear around ovulation and may persist until the next period. Intake of caffeine may increase this sensation.

Many women who have not ovulated in a long time and, therefore, have not experienced such symptoms for a while, are surprised at the subtle and sometimes annoying signs of ovulation.

Breast tenderness is often the first symptom of pregnancy but would not occur before the missed period.

I wish you the best and I hope this helps.

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