Breastfeeding and Diet: How to Eat Right When You're Nursing

I am an aerobics instructor who is five weeks postpartum and breast-feeding. I am about to return to teaching and would like advice on proper diet for an active breast-feeding mom.


First of all, congratulations, both on your new addition and the fact that you are breast-feeding. Don't forget that the La Leche League in your area has tons of wonderful and useful information.

My normal rules apply:

  1. Lay off all refined sugar and flour.
  2. Stick with unrefined starches, such as real whole-grain flour, pastas, and breads. They are available, but you have to look (and pay extra).
  3. Eat when (or before) you get hungry.
  4. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly.
  5. Beg your doctor to let you take a strong multivitamin supplement, and some extra vitamin C.
  6. Drink good water; that is, deep-well spring. (Evian is best, but expensive.)
  7. Avoid aluminum in drink cans, pots and pans, and deodorants.
  8. Avoid unnatural fats (hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated) and frying (unless you use a wok).
  9. Look for behavior changes after feeding. Depending on what you eat, look for food sensitivities in your child.

Remember, your baby is drinking you.

Good health,
A.N Spreen, M.D.

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