Breastfeeding:Weaning before a long flight?

I have been breastfeeding for the past 11 months and I feel that it is time to wean. My only problem is that in one month My baby and I will be flying alone -- 17 hours from Israel to the United States and another 17 hours back again in a span of two weeks. Thus I am afraid to wean at this point for fear of having great difficulties on the plane as well as on our trip. Is this a bad time to try to wean?


Debbi Donovan

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With two (very long) flights just around the corner, I think you and your little one would find it easier if you delayed weaning -- at least for a while.

Nursing your baby just prior to, and during, the plane's take-off can help to keep him more comfortable as the air pressure changes occur. If you are still nursing, you will have a "drink" or "snack" readily available, not only during the time in air, but also while you're away. You also have a quick and easy way of soothing and comforting your baby if he gets frustrated or fussy. The flexibility offered by breastfeeding can be very helpful when traveling, easing tensions for both of you. This is especially true since the two of you will be traveling alone.

When you do decide to wean, it is best for you both if you wean gradually, letting go of one feed every few days, as your baby and your breasts adjust.

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