Breech at 28 Weeks

Is it normal to be at approx. 28 weeks and the baby to be breech? Will it turn on it's own or will I have to have a C section? I haven't felt it turn around yet and I had an ultra sound about 3 weeks ago.

Also is normal to have doubts about having a baby so late in my pregnancy? I hope so. I never had any doubts in the beginning or before I was pregnant. I was wondering if it is possible to have postpartum symptoms (feelings of dislike towards the baby) while I'm still pregnant, even though I don't have them as much anymore it stills worries me that I could even think that way. Do you think it will make me be a terrible mother?

Any info would be great. It seems that everyone has a different answer for all my questions.


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Whenever people give answers that are all different, it means there probably is no right or wrong answer. Trust your own instincts about mothering. The one great myth about mothering is that we love unconditionally from the moment our baby is known to us and forever more.

Suddenly, everything you do or eat influences someone else. It is so normal to feel ambivalent right up to and including his or her graduation from college (+/-)!

It would not be normal to take on such an important responsibility without feeling apprehension. You need to talk to other mothers, perhaps get into a support group where you can feel free to vent all these feelings. Your local childbirth education association (e.g. Lamaze, Bradley etc.) is a good place to start to look for such groups. Often local churches or the YWCA have them also.

Regarding your baby's position - while it is perfectly normal for your baby to be breech at this point in the pregnancy, MOST babies do start in the head down position and maintain that position until birth. That means that although he or she may change to a vertex (head down) presentation at any moment, your chances of the baby being breech at term are a bit higher than someone who always had a baby in the head down position.

If the baby stays breech, your chances of having a C-birth are quite high. Many physicians do not get practice performing breech births and due to the high risk of fetal complications in unskilled hands and the medical-legal liability, most opt to perform caesareans. You should ask your obstetrician how comfortable he or she is with breech deliveries and under what circumstances they would or would not allow you to deliver vaginally.

At approximately 36 weeks, most obstetricians would attempt a "version". They will monitor the baby for a while, administer a drug to you that relaxes the uterus and then under ultrasound, attempt to move the baby to a vertex presentation. Most of the time these are successful but occasionally, the baby stays or returns to a breech.

To deliver a breech baby vaginally, basically, you have to be "super normal". That means the baby has to be presenting buttocks first, not feet or knees, the head must be flexed, your labor must progress without delays etc. etc. If you feel strongly committed to having the baby vaginally if version does not work, you should consider seeking a second opinion from a very experienced obstetrician.

Best of luck and trust yourself. Love develops and grows.

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