Broken Tailbone: Will I Have to Live With This Pain?

I read your reply to the woman concerned about a previously broken tailbone and the effect during delivery. I was in the same situation, though no one rebroke it for me to make childbirth easier. It did rebreak and though I didn't feel it at the time since I was occupied with childbirth pain, I now cannot sit without discomfort. I think it may have healed at an odd angle and didn't even consider this until I saw your response to the initial woman's question. Do I just learn to live with this or can it be broken yet again and made to heal differently?


Peg Plumbo CNM

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There are other things that can cause this type of pain, so I would urge you to consult your care provider. I'm not sure how postpartum you are, but episiotomy pain and rectal bruising may be contributing. I have known women who suffer for a year or more from mediolateral episiotomies or from lacerations into the rectum.

It would be an easy matter for a provider to see if manipulating the tail bone reproduces the pain you are feeling. If it does, rebreaking it, if it is fixed in an upward or backward position, might help but then again, it cannot be splinted like other broken bones, so it might heal into the same position.

I wonder if a physical therapist might not be a good referral for you. Sometimes, this type of pain is related to back or to muscles and supporting ligaments that could be strengthened with exercise or treated. I would opt for this before thinking about more aggressive and painful manipulations.

Sometimes, good chiropractic care can do much to alleviate this type of pain as well.

I wish you the best. Good luck.

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