Calming Bathroom Makeover

I would like to redo my bathroom. Right now I have terra cotta tiles on the floor, around the bath and on the ceiling around the bath. I presently have beige wallpaper in there and would like to have a new look. --Clare


You can use the natural color palette you already have and add a strong accent color with towels, bath mats, pottery and plants, or a colored ceiling. Or you might want to go more aggressive with your wall color overall. A rich terra cotta accent color can be wonderful in a bathroom with the tiles you have. Even a stenciled border might bring some life to the room while adding interest.

Large gold-framed artwork and mirrors can also add substance to a bathroom, while plants and trees can make the space feel lush and inviting. But remember, if you add accent color, try to spread it evenly throughout the room for visual balance.

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