Can I Deduct My Commuting Mileage?

I'm a nurse and live 32 miles away from the hospital where I work. (That's one way.) Am I allowed to deduct that mileage? Last year I drove about 35 to 40 miles each way working for a nursing agency and was told that since I went to different jobs I could deduct mileage and tolls. This year I work at one place and am not sure if the mileage is deductible. Thanks for your help.


Sorry, but the costs you incur going to work and back home again aren't deductible. The costs of going from job to job, once you reach your jobsite, are deductible, though. So if you were to go out and see patients once you got to work, you could deduct that mileage. But the cost of going from your final stop back home again in the evening is nondeductible commuting.

--Ginita Wall, C.P.A., C.F.P., Retire Rich Expert

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