Can I Eat Chocolate While On a Diet?

I was wondering what kind of chocolate is good to eat while in a diet? I read that Dove dark chocolate was okay to take in -- is that true? I lost 11 lbs in just 4 months, but I don't think that's good enough, so I add a 15-minute ab workout plus what I've been doing for the past months.


You are right on track with your efforts - and you raise some VERY important questions that most women need help with.

When it comes to chocolate, the best kind when you are watching your weight is anything in a small portion! Seriously, it's calories in and calories out when it comes to losing weight. Chocolate CAN be a smart indulgence, IF you choose a monitored portion. First, only eat chocolate if that's a treat food that you like - the health benefits to dark chocolate come with eating nearly a quarter of a pound every day, so don't think you're choosing a "health food" in your small portion!

Dark chocolate does contain more antioxidants than milk chocolate, but when we're talking about a chocolate "treat", you need to pick what tastes best to you. Dove dark, in individual pieces is a good choice, but there are a number of other varieties that you can select. You might look for pre-packaged serving size of 100 calories, or even less (some are 80 cal). You might also try low calorie hot chocolate (25-50 calories per packet), or a frozen low-calorie item like a Fudgscicle, or similar products made by Weight Watchers, Skinny Cow, and other companies.

Your rate of weight loss is FABULOUS. At about 3 pounds a month, you're more likely to keep it off, than more rapid weight loss. Most people don't realize that a weight loss of about 1/2 a pound a week - 2 pounds a month is considered true success!! Yes, it's more than good enough! Adding some abs work is a plus - and I'm glad you're finding it enjoyable. When it comes to exercise, it you enjoy it, you're more likely to stick with it!

Continued success - you're doing great! Let me know how you are doing!