Can I Get Pregnant Using a Condom?

What are the chances of getting pregnant when using a condom?


I'm not going to give you the statistics that are given out because they only apply to large populations. The chances, when it comes to you as an individual, depend a great deal on how careful you are. If you always use a condom when having intercourse, if you are careful not to tear the condom when opening the package and while putting it on, if you make sure to leave an empty reservoir tip at the end when you put it on, and if you are careful to hold the rim of the condom when you take it off so that there is no leakage, then a condom is a very effective method of protection against pregnancy.


Sometimes a condom does break, but most pregnancies that take place when couples are using a condom occur because the couple did not follow the above instructions -- the most important of which is to use a condom every single time you have intercourse!


by Ruth Westheimer