Can I make my own glucose water?

My daughter will be 4 months old this week. When I left the hospital, I was going to breast feed. They sent me home with Enfamil and a carton of 3oz. 5% glucose water for her. I decided not to breast feed, but she loved the water. I was wondering how to make my own glucose water instead of ordering it from the company. She only drinks 1oz. at a time, sometimes more, could I give her plain water or does it have to have sugar in it. The only thing I know is that you use Karo syrup to make it. I hope you can help.



Sue Gilbert

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Dear Mindy,

Hospitals give glucose water to nursing babies while those babies are waiting for Mom's breast milk to come in. This can take anywhere from 18 hours to 3 days. The sweetness is used to entice them to drink in order to keep them hydrated until milk is available. The sugar water has only 20 calories in 3 ounces, which isn't much. Babies are born with an affinity for sweet, probably as a survival instinct. Once the milk comes in there is no longer any need for it. Formula fed babies get their formula right away and have no need for the sugar water.

During hot summer months when babies may become thirsty beyond their nutritional requirement for formula or breast milk than plain water can be given to them. Also, if your baby is enjoying drinking water, than plain water is perfect for her. You should ask your pediatrician for their recommendation on how to make glucose water should you decide to do so.

Thank you for writing.

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