Can I Walk with Weights Every Day?

My favorite DVDs are the three-mile "Walk for Weight Loss" with the two-pound weights and the "Walk Away The Pounds" series with two-pound weights. Is it OK if I use the two-pound weights daily?

Leslie Sansone

Leslie Sansone

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Trust me doll, there are many people out there wondering the same thing, so thank you for asking!  The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!  Holding small weights -- just one or two pounds -- while you walk is the easiest way to increase your calorie burn and muscle toning.  You don’t do anything differently than during a normal walk, and they are light enough that you hardly notice the difference.  But the difference is there: Your upper-body muscles are being challenged throughout the walk, making this a great way to squeeze maximum calorie burn into a short time.  So you wonder if this can be done every day?  Using a smaller weight, such as these, are acceptable everyday simply as long as they are one or two pounds maximum.  I hope this answers your questions and always remember what I say to my walkers throughout the workouts "You can’t do it wrong!  Keep walking strong!"