Can Placenta Previa Correct Itself?

I was told that I have placenta previa and have to come back at 20-weeks for another ultrasound. The doctor didn't seem too concerned, but I am.


Basically, a placenta previa is when your placenta (afterbirth) grows onto, or near, the cervix. It can lead to bleeding, labor, early delivery, transfusions and hospitalizations. But in early pregnancy, the placenta can appear closer to the cervix than is actually is. As the uterus grows, the lower part of the uterus stretches and makes it look like the placenta is moving away.

The majority of the time, without bleeding, the placenta moves out of the way and is not a problem. If not, then you will have to be mostly at rest, with no sexual activity, for the rest of your pregnancy. You will have to be watched for growth and bleeding, but frequently can get through the pregnancy without much trouble.

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