Can receiving oral sex be dangerous for a woman?

Dear Dr. Patti:

I was reading a passage about oral sex in a women's medical book, and it warned men not to blow into the vagina during cunnilingus, as it would cause embolism and possibly death. I would think that there would be an inherent danger of embolism during cunnilingus, because of the heavy breathing. Am I wrong? --K


Dear K:

Great question, and one that would certainly make anyone reflect on the joys of oral sex. Yes, there is a slight chance (I mean like seeing a cow fly through the air, as in the movie Twister) that an embolism (a gas bubble in the bloodstream, which can be deadly) could happen if a guy were to blow extremely hard into your vagina. However, it would probably take a hefty, determined, hard, ceaseless blow into that "sealed" opening to create such an impact. Imagine blowing hard into a balloon with a tiny opening, with your mouth straining. That's the kind of blowing that is required to even tease out the possibility of such an occurrence. Heavy breathing is just not that kind of action.

Most oral sex on women (cunnilingus) includes gentle stroking with the tongue, licking and sucking, but not intense blowing. Some men and women report blowing gently into the woman's vulva region as a way to create a pleasant sensation. That's about the only way that sending air onto or into your most private parts usually occurs. So, let go of your worries about being blown away!

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