Can You Ovulate Twice in One Cycle?

I do not want to get pregnant now. I have been using natural techniques, including basal body temperature charting. Once ovulation has passed, I no longer monitor signs and resume my sex life. A friend said I may end up pregnant, since a lot of women ovulate twice in one cycle. Is she right?


Your friend is well meaning, but wrong. Once a woman ovulates, she cannot ovulate again until the next cycle, so you are correct in saying that you are safe for unprotected intercourse after ovulation.

Fertility awareness rules are very strict to prevent unplanned pregnancies and state that you are safe only from three days following your thermal shift until your next period.

Of course, the concept of ovulating only once a cycle begs the question, "What about the case of twins or other multiples?" Think of it this way. Ovulation is an event that takes place over 24 hours. During that time, one or more eggs can be released, each capable of living no more than 24 hours. So once you have ovulated, you cannot ovulate again until the next cycle.

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