Can You Ovulate While on the Pill?

I am taking the birth control pill Tri Phasil. I thought that birth control pills would stop ovulation, but I am having cervical mucus changes. Could I be ovulating?


"Combination" birth control pills -- those containing estrogen and progesterone -- work by stopping ovulation; Tri Phasil is this type of pill.

When women ovulate on birth control pills, it is usually the result of irregular compliance, such as a delay in taking the first pill(s) of the cycle, irregular taking of the pills or an interference caused by other medications. "Break-through" ovulation, though rare, can occur. Other changes, such as those associated with cervical mucus, may be enough to prevent conception.

Your changes in vaginal discharge or cervical fluid are unlikely to be the result of ovulation.

If you feel you may be ovulating, you could decrease the time you are off the pills from seven days to four or five, before restarting. It is the first few pills of the cycle which are critical in stopping the process of ovulation.

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