Can You Paint Blinds?

I love the simplicity and function of vertical blinds that I have in my kids' rooms. But they are an off-white/creamy color that does not go with either kids' room theme. Would it be okay to simply paint the slats (disassembled from the window of course) a coordinating color?
--iVillager savcal


This sounds like a really big and messy project -- but hey, has that ever stopped us? My big concern is whether your blinds are metal; most paint chips off of metal pretty easily. Those manufacturer's finishes are actually baked on.

Having said that, you could try spray paint, but I am backing up and kind of waving my hands as I even say this. I worry about the pull strings -- the hardware. I am skeptical.

What if you laid them down flat and stenciled something in your different themes on them? Then you would be using them more like a big mural rather than trying to get an evenly applied neat all-one-color.

When the blinds are open it will look like a jumble, and when you close them you'll have a big wall mural. The white color may not be bothering you quite so much after all of this, huh?

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